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Wedge Guys Provides Customers with Professional Grade Equipment

Wedge Guys, a business operating out of Plainfield, Illinois, specializes in golfing products. Their golf grip kits help you make the most out of your grips.


Plainfield, IL – March 17, 2021 – Calling all golfers! Do you have that one golf club that stands out among the rest? Everyone has that one golf club that they use far more than the others. Unfortunately, with extended use comes extended wear.

Don’t let worn-out grips ruin your favorite club! Wedge Guys is here to help you! With their golf grip kits, you can extend the life of your favorite golf club!

The golf grip kits come with a variety of helpful tools. Grip Tape Strips consist of 2” x 10” premium double-sided adhesive grip tape strips that are easy-to-peel and won’t bunch up during installation.

The Grip Solvent comes in two sizes, five or eight ounces. It is not only non-toxic but also non-flammable. The solvent comes with a squirt spout and is comparable with all tape.

The rubber vice clamp is a helpful tool that prevents slippage while repairing your club.

The hook blade is made of high-strength carbon steel and has been rated for one hundred grips.

The golf grip kits come in four different packages. The light kit comes with 5 ounces of solvent and fifteen Grip Tape Strips. The standard kit comes with 5 ounces of solvent, fifteen Grip Tape Strips, and a rubber vice clamp.

For the diehard golfers, there are two more exclusive kits. The deluxe kit includes five ounces of solvent, fifteen Grip Tape Strips, a rubber vice clamp, and a hook blade.

Finally, there is the ultimate kit, which includes eight ounces of solvent, thirty Grip Tape Strips, a rubber vice clamp, and a hook blade.

“Everyone plays golf differently, so different packages were necessary to meet different needs,” said a representative of Wedge Guys.

Wedge Guys also sells other useful golf products. Products include groove sharpener, tees, markers, and of course, apparel!

“Wedge Guys has all my golfing needs! I can’t recommend that place enough!” said a local golfer.

Wedge Guys not only provides top products, but they also thrive in customer support! For any questions you may have, you can get in contact with the team via the support tab. Simply leave your name, contact information, write your message, and the team will get back to you in no time!

Wedge Guys are also present on various social media outlets. You can find Wedge Guys on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Golfing is not an easy sport, but the right gear can help improve your game significantly! Let Wedge Guys help improve your shot with their golf grip kits! For more information, you can visit their website at

About Wedge Guys: Wedge Guys is a golf supply shop based out of Plainfield, Illinois. They specialize in equipment to improve your golf game. Their golf grip kit is the best in the game!

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