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7 Factors of Productivity You May Not be Aware of

It’s not only poor focus and motivation that causes you to lack productivity. Employers often believe their employees are the reason work isn’t getting done.

In fact, many factors of productivity are in the workplace. They are under the employer’s control.

How can you boost productivity for yourself and your employees? Once you know how, you’ll see an improvement in work ethic, sales, and profits.

With a few simple changes to your workplace and procedures, you’ll see a huge improvement. Keep reading for the seven most important factors of productivity.

1. Work-related Distractions

There’s work, and then there’s busywork. Every employee has busywork that takes their time away from getting things done.

Busywork includes answering emails, updating systems, and going to meetings. Some meetings are important. But, with most employees attending 62 meetings a month, they’re also a time-waster.

For employees to focus on the important tasks, there can’t be other distractions. Making them attend meetings that don’t affect their role reduces productive time. Expecting them to answer every email within an hour means that’s all they’ll do.

Cut out the busywork so employees can get to work. Limit the interruptions to extend productivity.  

2. Office Temperature

No one likes being too cold or too hot. But, did you know that temperature even affects productivity?

When employees are too cold, like when the AC is set too high, they become sluggish. Our bodies naturally get sleepy when the temperature is chilly. It’s a sign that it’s time for sleep.

When it’s too hot, like when the furnace is blasting, employees become irritable. It’s hard to focus on your work when there’s sweat dripping down your back. Overheating is very uncomfortable and distracting.

Both extreme temperatures affect productivity in the office. To help your employees get more done, make the office temperature moderate. Somewhere between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit is usually comfortable.

It can also be helpful to provide each desk with a portable fan and space heater. If they prefer it a little cooler or warmer, they can adjust their space.

3. Daylight Hours

It’s no surprise that levels of depression increase when the days are shorter. During daylight savings time, you may notice productivity levels waver.

Many employees get to work before the sun is up. Then, they leave once the sun is already set. That is very depressing and upsetting to most people.

To be productive, they must feel like they also have freedom for their personal lives. Spending the only sunny hours in an office doesn’t allow their personal lives any daylight.

Consider offering flexible hours or the ability to work from home. This is especially important in the winter months and when the time changes.

There are many pros and cons of daylight savings time. Don’t let your office’s lack of productivity become a con.

4. Lack of Training

Adequate training is essential for employees to be productive. When there are things they don’t know how to do, they have to pause their work. Going to ask for help or ask a question deters their task.

But, if employees get training in many aspects of their job, they pause less. They become better problem-solvers.

Plus, training your employees on more things gives them more responsibility.

This empowers them because it shows their employer believes in their abilities. When employees feel empowered, they’re motivated to work hard.

The worst thing you can do is not provide enough training. In some employees, it’ll make them spend more time scrolling through their phone. For others, they’ll spend their whole shift asking questions.

Nip this productivity problem in the bud by providing extensive training.

5. Poor Employee Satisfaction

It’s hard to give your all to a job you don’t enjoy. Sure, it pays the bills. But, that’s often not enough for employees to go above and beyond.

You can improve employee satisfaction in various ways. Here are some examples:

  • Set real incentives for promotions and raises.
  • Be generous with vacation time and sick days.
  • Create an open-door policy for concerns.
  • Make health and safety a top priority.
  • Create a workplace community culture.

Workplace culture can do wonders for employee satisfaction. Consider planning staff parties, giveaways, contests, and events. Offer lots of awesome discounts at partnering companies.

6. Workplace Clutter

How keen are you to cook a gourmet meal when the kitchen’s a mess? You wouldn’t feel very motivated. It’s the same for employees in the workplace.

When there is clutter everywhere, it can be hard to focus. It shows a lack of care on everyone’s part. No one is taking responsibility for the clutter or mess.

If no one else cares about the workplace, why should you? That is what employees think when working in a messy office. Solve the problem by doing a deep clean.

Then, put systems in place for where things go. Make it a rule for everyone to put things away when they’re done. A cleaner office will lead to better productivity.

7. Poor Ergonomics

It’s super hard to get work done when you’re in pain. In many offices, employees experience gradual pain from their desk set up.

If the computer screen is too low, it’ll cause neck pain. If the keyboard is too high, it’ll cause wrist pain. When your knees bend farther than 90 degrees in your chair, you’ll get leg pain.

Instead, make sure every employee’s desk uses ergonomics. This means that their joints all bend at 90 degrees. And, their head and posture are straight and looking ahead.

By preventing aches and strains, employees are more productive.

Interested in Learning More About the Factors of Productivity?

There are so many factors of productivity that are in your control. By making a few easy changes to your office, employees will feel more motivated.

When employees are comfortable, safe, and happy, they are more inclined to work hard.

Your company’s workflow and revenue will increase when productivity does. Learn more about improving your work life to get the most out of your employees. Your business relies on employees; treat them well and they’ll treat your business well.

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