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World Water Day (March 22nd): How to Get Involved and Raise Awareness

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Do you consider yourself an environmentalist? Are you concerned about the future of the planet, and how we’ll handle the protection of natural resources? Do you want to do something that can make a difference for generations to come?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, mark down March 22nd as an important day on your calendar!

World Water Day is designed to raise awareness about issues around access to water and water safety. If you care about the environment and the future, it’s an event you can’t miss.

If you care about the environment, you’ll want to pay attention to this post. Here’s everything you need to learn about World Water Day, and how you can help raise awareness around this important issue.

Why Do We Have World Water Day?

The resolution to make World Water Day a holiday was passed in December 1992, and the holiday was celebrated for the first time on March 22nd in 1993.

In 2010, the UN recognized water as a human right. They declared that safe and clean drinking water and sanitation are human rights, and they’re essential to having a good quality of life.

People use water for a variety of personal and domestic issues. You need water for drinking and cooking, but you also need water for personal sanitation, washing your clothes, and keeping your home clean.

Despite the absolute importance of water in living a happy and healthy life, it’s estimated that there are around 2.1 billion people on the planet lack safe access to water in their homes.

Some people may not have access to water due to discrimination against race, ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality, or caste. Other people may be physically unable to access water due to age, health, or disabilities.

Still other able-bodied individuals walk for miles just to retrieve water that is contaminated and makes their families sick, but they are left with little choice.

Rising income inequality has become a significant problem for water safety and access.

Some people live on a property that doesn’t have access to water due to land usage rights. Other people may have had a fresh source of water that was taken over by a corporation.

Climate change may be one of the most significant and not well-understood threats to water for people around the planet.

Environmental degradation has dried up certain water sources. Population growth, conflict, displacement, and human migration can drastically affect people’s access to safe water.

How To Get Involved On March 22nd

Now that you know about the importance of water access, you may be wondering how you can get involved and make a difference on World Water Day.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get involved and raise awareness around water issues. If you want to truly make a difference on March 22nd, consider doing these activities on World Water Day.


If you don’t have time to volunteer or organize a fundraiser for World Water Day, there’s still something very important you can do to help: raise awareness.

Everyone can be an activist and increase exposure of important issues with social media. If you’re active on a particular platform, share statistics around water scarcity and usage.

The World Water Day site for 2020 has a special section for people that want to spread the word on social media. You can download premade graphics, share text, and have access to other media you can post to raise awareness.


Sometimes the best way for you to make a difference is to focus on how you can make change in your own life. If you really want to celebrate World Water Day on the 22nd, make a pledge to change the way you consume water throughout the day.

Making small changes in the way you live your life can drastically cut down on water consumption.

Be conscious of how much water you use when you shower and wash the dishes. Skip the extra round of watering your lawn and cut down on how long you leave the sprinklers on.

If you have some extra money, now is a great time to replace some appliances for more environmentally friendly ones. A low flow toilet, environmentally friendly washer, and a new dishwasher could help you drastically lower water consumption.


There are a lot of charities that are dedicated to providing safe access to water to people around the world. Make a difference on March 22nd and donate some funds to your favorite charity.

Consider making a one-time donation, or make it a regular part of your routine by donating once a month. Making a commitment to donate every month or once a year can do a lot to help charities that want to make a difference in the world.

If you don’t have the funds to donate now, there may be other people you know that would love to help. Encourage people to donate to a charity of your choice over social media by sharing a link with instructions on how to donate.


An event centered around raising awareness and collecting donations can do a lot this March 22nd. Consider making an event centered around World Water Day to make a big impact.

Some people like to focus on water-based events for the holiday. Set up shop during a 5k and give out information pamphlets and water to runners. Go to your local pool and get donations from swimmers.

Consider setting up a charity drive so you can get much-needed supplies for water charities. Get local bands involved and set up a benefit show where all of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Help Out

March 22nd is designed to raise awareness about the importance of access to safe water around the world. It’s an important cause, but there are plenty of other causes that need equal attention.

Disease prevention, proper nutrition and access to food, and having safe homes are all causes we care about. We want to improve lives around the world, but we won’t be able to do it by ourselves.

Help us help others by finding ways to get involved in our organization.

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