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5 Thoughtful Ways to Show Appreciation to Employees

Did you know 87 percent of employees globally are not engaged? Or that companies with an engaged workforce outperform their competitors by 147 percent in earning per share?

While it’s very likely that your employees are unhappy and demotivated, your company stands to record immense growth if you can get them motivated and engaged.

Perhaps you’ve already pulled every trick from your hat to build a motivated team, but nothing seems to work. Well, have you tried appreciation?

In this article, we’re sharing 5 thoughtful ways to show appreciation to employees.

1. A Work from Home (Elsewhere) Day

The 9 to 5 grind takes a toll on employees. This is probably the reason that Friday (the days just before the weekend) is the most beloved day in workplaces around the world.

It’s on this premise that introducing a work from home/elsewhere day becomes a thoughtful way to appreciate your employees.

There are a couple of ways to implement this idea. You could put the day up for grabs to the week’s best performer or the employee who offers the most creative solution. The day could also go around in turns among all your workers.

To make the idea even more thoughtful, give the employee the liberty to choose the day of the week they want to work remotely.

2. House Cleaning Vouchers

On top of putting in proper shifts at work, employees also have to take care of things at home. Cleaning the house, doing laundry… you know, things that don’t excite.

Why not offer your employees house cleaning/laundry service vouchers? This will free up their evenings, allowing them enough time to recharge and get ready to kill it at work the next day.

3. Donate To Their Charities

Every year, the American workforce raises $5 billion to support various charitable organizations.

This means at least some of your employees are donating to charity. It also presents an ideal opportunity to show appreciation to your employees. You can match their donations or the company can donate on their behalf.

Whichever way you cut the cake, it’s important to donate to the employee’s charity of choice. In a 2017 survey, 76 percent of employees said the ability to choose the cause is crucial.

4. Lunch with the Boss/C.E.O

In many organizations, the boss is a source of inspiration and motivation for most employees. If your company has such a leader, there are many employees who would relish the chance to have a sit-down, pick out their brain, and gain some ounces of wisdom.

Make this happen by offering lunch with the boss. It’s a creative way to make your employees feel appreciated and valuable.

5. Employee Trophies

It’s one thing to be good at something, and it’s another to be recognized for being good at it. The latter matters the most because humans harbor an inherent need for recognition.

As an employer, it’s your job to recognize your employees, and what’s a better way to do it than with trophies?

Strive to make your recognition program as diverse as possible. Don’t just recognize work-related efforts.

Hold sporting competitions, for instance, and recognize their off-the-office talent. Companies like Trophies Plus Medals make custom golf trophies you can award your company’s champ on the golf course.

Embrace These Thoughtful Ways to Show Appreciation to Employees

In the workplace, as in life, it’s the little things that count.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on grand ways to show appreciation to employees. It’s the pat on the back, the will to support their causes, the will to recognize their efforts and unique talents that matters.

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