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When Should You Call a Commercial and Industrial Electrician?

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As a business owner or manager, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the day-to-day aspects of running your business. No matter the day, there will always be urgent issues and complaints to deal with in order to keep everything operating smoothly.
Regular visits from a commercially licensed electrician can remove stress from your life and interrupt potential issues before they become a problem. With the marching progress of society and the continual changes in electronics and appliances, it’s important to be sure your company’s wiring is always up to code. Overburdening an electrical system can lead to shorts, power surges, and electrical fires over time.

When Should You Call a Commercial and Industrial Electrician?

1. Once a Year

A routine, once-per-year inspection of the wiring of your building helps ensure that everything is safe and running properly. Depending on the nature of your business, you may not be required to inspect annually. If you can’t swing it once a year, keep in mind that three years is the maximum amount of time recommended between inspections.

2. Anything Unusual with Electricity

Because of the dangerous and invisible nature of electricity, most small wiring flaws don’t exhibit until they’re approaching safety hazard status. If you see lights that flicker or dim, occasional outlet sparks, or notice any breakers that trip regularly, you should call an electrician to check out the safety of your building. Also keep an eye out for outlets that become hot to the touch or discolored.

3. Building More Than 30 Years Old

As new innovations are discovered, old technologies become obsolete. There have been many advances in electrical safety over the past thirty years, and many buildings with older wiring have become unsafe over time. Whether your entire wiring system needs to be updated or just a few insulations and outlets replaced, a commercial electrician will be able to diagnose issues in your building’s wiring and electrical systems.

4. Burnt Smell

A hot smell, a burnt smell, or a fishy smell can all point to a serious issue with the wiring of an appliance or even to the building wiring. If you do notice any of these odors, it could be a serious problem and you should unplug any appliances in the area and call an electrician right away.

5. High Electrical Bills

If your electricity bills are high, you may have wiring that is leaching electricity or a faulty appliance that uses unnecessary amounts of power. A licensed electrician should be able to help you diagnose the issue and solve it so that your power bills are more reasonable.

6. Outlet Frustration

Older buildings often weren’t laid out with extensive power usage in mind. If you or your team is constantly searching for a usable outlet or fighting over who has to plug into an extension cord, electricity becomes a problem. Power strips, extension cords, and adaptors are valuable tools in some circumstances, but frequently if they’re overused they can put a difficult load on the building’s wiring. Then the “outlet frustration” and complex workarounds turn into a circuit popping problem or a fire hazard.

7. Two-Prong Outlets

A three-prong adaptor in a two-prong outlet means no ground wire for whatever is plugged into that adaptor. This creates an electrical shock hazard and a fire hazard if the device or appliance ever suffers a significant power surge. That third wire in newer outlets is important for electrical safety, so be sure you get any old two-prong outlets rewired and replaced with a modern three-prong outlet.

8. Exhaust Fans

If you need an exhaust fan installed, repaired, or replaced, you should call an industrial electrician. These fans can expel odors, smoke, and airborne toxins to create a healthier, cleaner, better-smelling environment for your team members.

9. Upgraded Equipment

When your company modernizes or upgrades equipment, the requirements for your building change. Every time you change what electronics you use, add more to your space, or upgrade equipment, you should plan to call an electrician who can test your circuits and advise you on the safety of your electrical system with the new operating procedures.


It can be tempting to put it off or ignore the potential issue when it comes to electricity, but this puts the safety of you, your team, and your building at risk. You should call a commercial and industrial electrician whenever you feel there may be a reason. Electrical problems escalate quickly and anything that gets out of control will cause bigger problems down the road so you definitely don’t want to put it off.

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