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Smile Makeover Liverpool & Southport – 0% Finance

Are you looking for the best affordable smile makeover clinic in Liverpool or Southport? Then read on!

We offer excellent smile makeovers right from our smile studio. If you’re in Merseyside (or in the UK and able to travel) we’d love to hear from you. Led by Dr Khan, we are a trio of dental clinics offering a full range of cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve your smile. Our smile makeovers include a wide range of leading dental treatments designed to give you a winning new smile, including:

  • crowns
  • composite veneers
  • porcelain dentures
  • bridges
  • dental braces (e.g. Invisalign)
  • teeth whitening
  • etc

We also offer a wide range of fascial aesthetics to enhance your smile, such as lip fillers.

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What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a dental plan tailor-made for you, consisting of one of more of the latest cosmetic dental treatments and usually undertaken by a cosmetic dentist. These treatments can include anything from dental braces and teeth whitening to crowns, implants and even surgery. Your plan is a road map to correct any dental issues for the purpose of improving your smile, hence the name smile makeover.

How much does it cost for a smile makeover?

The cost of your makeover depends largely on the type of treatment or treatments included in your dental plan. We usually run interest free offers providing great discounts and provide various payment plans to help patients spread the costs, so do ask us when you enquiry.

Book Your Smile Makeover in our Liverpool or Southport Clinics

The first step is to make an appointment. To do so simply call us today and speak with one of our friendly staff, or visit one of our dental clinics located in Southport town centre or Liverpool Rodney Street and Allerton Road (you can find address and contact details are in the Contact Us section).

Our smile makeovers consultations are free. We do this to enable our existing patients as well as new patients to sit down with one of our cosmetic dentists, learn about the available services that will help them achieve that natural look and see the smiles we’ve helped our patients achieve. Naturally, this is the perfect time for you to ask questions about what a smile makeover consists of to get the complete picture and have the confidence to make a decision.

Your consultation also enables our qualified dentists to assess your teeth in order to determine what your new smile needs in terms of dental procedures, and advise about the best treatment, the process and the schedule to help you achieve a beautiful smile you can be proud of. We aim to always provide as many viable options as possible.

All our smile makeover plans are bespoke – that is, tailored to your specific dental needs. Some patients need teeth realigning (e.g. with the use of dental braces) or a veneer as part of their plan; others simply need teeth whitening. We will discuss the treatment in detail with you and design your plan, as well as the after care, and answer all your questions so you get the information you need to proceed.

On a side note, we also offer family plans.

At the end of the day, we firmly believe that we offer excellence and quality based on the high feedback we’ve amassed from our patients since we started out, many years ago. You can check our reviews on our website.

Below are some of the more popular dental treatments some of our patients undergo as part of their smile makeover plan:

1.  Braces – used to correct crooked teeth. In the past, these were metal and unsightly. Thankfully, modern-day braces are invisible. Dental braces are a popular treatment to straighten teeth and enhance your smile.

2.  Implants – can be used when a tooth has fallen out from decay or when it is knocked out because of an injury. Implants are an effective treatment when it comes to restoring a full smile.

3.  Teeth Whitening – stained teeth are a common problem for many patients. Staining is usually the result of drinking coffee, colas, smoking, medication and in some cases some types of diseases.

4.  Caps, Bonds, And Veneers – are all part of cosmetic treatments designed to improve your oral health, your teeth and ultimately your smile.

After care For Cosmetic Dentistry Work

Once your treatment is completed, we will offer advice on after care to help you maintain your new winning smile. In practice, patients experience not just a new great smile but also improved oral hygiene – especially if corrective teeth alignment was undertaken as part of the makeover.


We believe everybody deserves an incredible, award winning smile, and we have the results to prove it. We use modern orthodontics to make a huge difference to our patient’s self esteem, and our team is responsible for creating a positive change in many, using every method at our disposal. Whether you need a crown, bonding or whiter teeth, we welcome you to take up your free consultation and see how we can help you.

The bottom line is that smile makeovers are no longer something that only celebrities do via private and expensive smile studios. Today, anybody from university students to seasoned professionals who wish to improve their image has access to a number of different cosmetic procedures, from simple to advanced, as well as combining techniques to take their facial aesthetics to a new level and improve their life in general. Best of all, you don’t have to travel to London or Turkey for that Hollywood smile. It’s right here in Liverpool.

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