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Palm Desert CA Tax Planning Small Business Accounting Services Launched

Allman and Allman, accounting and tax specialists in Palm Desert CA, have launched a new range of tax advisory services for small businesses.

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As tax legislation changes on an ever increasing basis, the recently launched service aims to assist small businesses and individuals comply with tax requirements and maximize saving potential.

Taxation law is complex and includes federal, state and local considerations. At the federal level, US-resident corporations are taxed at 21% of profits. Multiple changes to federal tax legislation have occurred in recent years. State and local jurisdictions also levy taxes, and the regulations can be difficult to understand for small businesses.

Taxation laws also allow for deductions: those items which can be excluded/recuperated from what has been taxed. Allman and Allman have launched the new service to help businesses and individuals stay abreast of allowable deductions, and structure their activities accordingly.

Deductible items can cover a range of areas including cost of goods sold, wages and other employee compensation, interest, depreciation and charitable donations. Each level of government has differing regulations and maintaining awareness of what is optimal for business or personal financial planning is confusing for many.

Allman and Allman constantly monitor the legislative landscape and maintain an up-to-date awareness of the changes that may affect their clients.

In addition to tax advice, Allman and Allman also offer a range of other services including business consulting and planning, accounting, bookkeeping and estate management. The company’s specific focus is assisting small businesses.

Allman and Allman was founded in 2015 as a husband and wife partnership, and the firm services a range of clients ranging from medical and legal professionals, business executives, small-businesses and high-net worth individuals.

A satisfied client stated: “Allman & Allman has managed the accounting for our growing business for 4 years and has done an excellent job. I receive regular updates on the changing business tax landscape (such as tariff discussions) which have been very useful and comforting to know that my accountant has our business’ best interest in mind.”

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