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Should You Call an Attorney After a Bike Accident? (Yes! Here’s Why)

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It seems like everyone knows what to do once they’re in a car accident. People know that you have to get insurance information from anyone involved, take plenty of pictures, and speak with the lawyer.

You know how to handle a car accident in South Florida, but what about a bike accident? Do you know what to do and who to call?

If you want to handle your accident the right way, you’ll find a bike accident lawyer ASAP.

Bike accidents are serious matters, and Florida has some of the worst rates for cycling accidents. Take your situation seriously and find a bike accident attorney to help you.

Even if you’re uninjured, an attorney can be a big asset to you. Curious how a lawyer can help you after a bike accident? Take a little time to see all of the ways an attorney can help you.

Prove Fault

You were expecting a little concern after the accident in Westin, Fl, but if anything, the person that hit you is belligerent. They’re claiming that you weren’t following the rules of the road and it’s your fault that you got hit.

It can be easy for police officers or repairmen to look at a car and see if a vehicle struck another vehicle or object. Car accidents are also very easy to see. You may have trouble proving you were hit without enough evidence and witnesses.

This is where having a bike accident attorney can be helpful. They can help you gather evidence and can fight for you in court.

Manage Insurance

When most people think about how the best bike accident lawyer in Pembroke Pines or Key Biscayne FL could help them, they think about a lawyer fighting for them in court. While it’s true that your lawyer will be a helpful ally in court, you’d be surprised just how much lawyers help with the insurance claims process.

Dealing with insurance companies can be difficult, and that’s especially true after an accident. If you’re filing a claim against the person that hit you, their insurance company is going to do whatever they can to avoid taking responsibility. A good lawyer can help you deal with tricky insurance companies and help you navigate the legal side of insurance.

Receive Compensation

Some people are able to walk away from a bad bike accident with a few bruises and scrapes. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people that aren’t that lucky.

It’s possible to sustain serious life-threatening injuries during a bicycle accident. In fact, some people may receive injuries that are so serious that they may have to miss work to recover.

Filing a worker’s compensation claim can be tough. Luckily, a bike accident attorney can help walk you through the process. They’ll be able to help build your case to get your compensation claim.

Get Help for Your Bike Accident Today

A bike accident can have life-changing consequences. It’s important to have the right legal representation on your side to ensure you’re getting treated fairly.

Do you want help managing your bike accident case in Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Hillsborough Beach, or somewhere else in Southern Florida? Are you interested in learning more about how lawyers can help you?

We’re always ready to talk to anyone in need of legal help. Be sure to reach out to us today so we can start talking about the best way to help you.

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