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Winter’s a Winner for Building A Stern’s Pool

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As Winter grabs us in her icy clutch, one cannot help but to dream of the warm summer days ahead where we will be able to shrug off our wintry coats in exchange for swimsuits, sunny skies and the lure of the deep blue water!


But why stop there? Let’s not dream. Let’s do! And do so now! So you get to enjoy your Stern Pool when Summer comes around.

Here’s why….

Design Time – Although all Stern’s Pools are modular and easily constructed, we first need to ensure that the design of the pool is appropriate for the size of your site. This is done by an initial site meeting where our expert consultants will guide you as to what is best for your property. This will then be followed up with a design proposal and can take anywhere between 3-4 weeks.

Council Approval – All new pool installations within Australia need to be approved by local council. This requires the submission of plans & documentation. This can take anywhere between 4-6 weeks

Excavation Time – in some instances excavation will be required for the type of installation you have chosen. If the pool is to be installed in, or partially in-ground or where the site is sloping and uneven, excavation of the ground will be required. And depending on whether rock is hit when excavating, can add in additional time to the process

Installation Time – this is generally very quick with our modular pools, a typical installation taking around 2 days, but this will once again be dependant on the pool size and any unforeseen site challenges.

Weather – as much as we would like to control the weather, unfortunately this is out of our hands and something that we cannot give a time frame to

The Time of Year – don’t wait until the weather gets warmer to start thinking about building a pool. Otherwise you need to join the queue of people wanting to get one installed as soon as possible. And unfortunately, with increased demand comes increased prices.

On average, for the construction of a modular pool including finishings and permanent pool fence installation, you can expect the total time from start to finish of around 12 – 16 weeks.

So, If you wanting to enjoy a full summer with your new Stern’s Pool, now is the time to act!

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