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Fit Body Boot Camp’s solution to help combat extreme poverty in the war torn Ukraine

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Fit Body Boot Camp’s clientele worldwide come together to help the children of Ukraine despite Russia’s indefensible invasion

CHINO HILLS, Calif.March 21, 2022 /CNW/ — A tough truth of our world is that most people across the globe live in poverty. More specifically, 85% of the world live on less than $30 per day, 67% live on less than $10 per day, and 10% of people live on less than $1.90 per day according to

Members of the International Fitness Franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp, come together to help the children of Ukraine.

But what is even worse is that 570 million children live in extreme poverty.

With the unprovoked attacks on Ukraine led by Russia’s Vladimir Putin, the situation in Eastern Europe has gotten dramatically worse and is forecasted to continue indefinitely.

This invasion is the latest in an ongoing conflict that has killed thousands of people in the last decade. U.S. officials have estimated that this large-scale attack has caused an additional 50,000 lives lost and displaced upwards of 5 million people.

With limited options, children and families throughout Ukraine are either fleeing, hiding, or digging out of rubble after the onset of attacks by Russia which began in February. None of these options provide a viable solution for their tragedy and loss.

The suffering and trauma for these families, and especially the children is unimaginable, being violently swept up and thrust into the unwelcoming arms of extreme poverty, without food or shelter.

This is a nightmarish thought and exactly why the global Fit Body Community of clients, coaches and owners are stepping up to help to support the cause.

Throughout the months of April, May and June, Fit Body will turn its Charity Check in brand wide campaign to raise funds for the Children of Ukraine by supporting

Each time a client checks in on Facebook or Instagram while using the hashtags #fitbody4kids and #fitbodyukraine, every Fit Body Boot Camp location worldwide will make a donation to support the Children of Ukraine via funding

Through these collective donations, the children of Ukraine will receive health care, nutrition, clean water, caregiver support and protection.

“I am completely humbled and honored with our Global Fit Body Family. Our goal is to raise north of $50,000 to help the children of Ukraine. We appreciate our community’s support as we cannot do it alone. Our message is simple: get fit, check in, and save lives, ” said Bryce Henson, Fit Body Boot Camp CEO and multi-location owner.

“My family barely escaped Communist Russia when I was six, which is why I have a special place in my heart for our organization to provide aid and combat extreme poverty in Ukraine. I am beyond proud and eternally grateful for our Fit Body clients, coaches and owners worldwide for their support. We continue to rise up and embrace & drive positive change together,” commented Fit Body Boot Camp Founder Bedros Keuilian.

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