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Print Marketing Experiences a Resurgence as Consumers Grow Weary of Online Ads

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Recent reports from the marketing industry are pointing to an uptick in print marketing effectiveness over the last five years. According to the latest numbers, offline marketing strategies generate more than 65 percent of businesses’ online traffic with resulting lead conversion rates surging to 40 percent last year alone. In light of this development, analysts are forecasting an inevitable revival in print marketing during the years to come.

Looking Back

During the early 1980s when the online world began to take shape, experts and consumers alike saw unlimited potential in what was then known as ARPANET. Less than a decade later, computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee brought the World Wide Web to life. From that point on, circulation of newspapers, magazines, fliers, catalogs and other printed materials steadily declined while spending on online alternatives rose proportionally.

Authorities insisted print media was on its way to extinction early on in the digital revolution. Based on the number of media and print companies going under at the time, their predictions appeared to hold a certain amount of truth. This prompted a number of companies to focus solely on the digital portions of their marketing and advertising strategies. That being said, industry-wide projections from last year show matters are now taking a turn in the opposite direction.

Present-Day Developments

Based on the latest figures, consumers are now trending back toward print. Previous reports indicated 85 percent of consumers placed as much faith in organic online marketing strategies as recommendations from friends and family. Some 90 percent were turning directly to the internet when searching for products and services.

New studies show a rise in the number of consumers who prefer offline ads at present, a portion of the population amounting to more than 80 percent based on recent end-of-year calculations. Of those, almost 60 percent now find print more trustworthy than online adverts. More than 90 percent of the up-and-coming generation currently prefer direct mail over emails and other online marketing tactics when making purchasing decisions.

In turn, marketers are realizing the benefits of catering to this reversal of public mindset by taking at least a portion of their advertising needs to a Houston Printing Provider or those in other areas of the country. Data from the last decade pointed to a downturn in the number of businesses incorporating print media into their overall marketing strategies; however, an estimated 60 percent are currently rethinking this approach.

Moving Forward

As the internet rose to fame, consumers became absorbed by online media. Marketers quickly jumped on the bandwagon and took their advertising to the digital level. At present, this long-running fascination appears to be loosening its grip.

Some 70 percent of the public is no longer simply tossing fliers, brochures and other direct mail marketing alternatives into the trash. Furthermore, almost half admit they hold onto direct mail for future reference. Catdi Printing and others in the print media industry are seeing a corresponding rise in the number of businesses returning to the old ways.

Analysts are quick to note the internet is far from going the way of the dinosaur; in fact, online marketing and advertising are likely here to stay. Still, research indicates marketers would be remiss to place all their eggs in the virtual basket. Industry experts recommend finding a balance between on and offline marketing to reach the broadest possible range of prospects.

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