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How to Verify Your Facebook Page as a Small Business

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If brand credibility and legitimacy are things that matter to you, then you shouldn’t wait another second to verify your business’ Facebook page.

Having a verified Facebook page will let users know that your page is legitimate, and makes your brand look more professional.

What’s more, it’ll help you rank higher in the search results, giving you more visibility.

Verifying your Facebook page takes only a few minutes of your time, and if you ask us – it’s totally worth it.

In this article, we’ll show you why getting verified is so important, the types of verification badges available (and the right ones for your business), and how to verify your business’ Facebook page.

Let’s dive in!

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Why should I verify my business’ Facebook page?

The blue or grey verification badge that your business earns next to its name once it’s verified indicates that the page is an official representation of your business.

There are many reasons why having this badge is beneficial to your business:

Professionalism: A verification badge instantly makes your Facebook page look more credible and professional.

Legitimacy: Users will know that your Facebook page is real – and not a fan-made or fake one.

Authority: More authority on social media

Ranking: Better ranking on the search results when users search for your business or related keywords.

Beta Testing: Early access to new Facebook features

Businesses that lack verification badges look less professional, and that negatively impacts brand trust and loyalty.
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Types of verification badges

There are two different types of Facebook verification badges that your business can get – the blue badge, and the grey badge. Depending on the scale of your brand, you should apply for one of the two.

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Blue badge

The blue badge is for global brands, larger-scale businesses or organisations, and public figures. As a small business, you probably shouldn’t even try to earn the blue badge because your business will most likely be ineligible. Instead, you should aim to earn the grey badge.

Grey badge

The grey badge is the badge that you should focus on getting if you have a small business. Your business will be listed under the categories “organisation” or “local business” on Facebook once you earn this badge.

Right now, we’re going to show you how to earn it, and we’ll also give you a few tips to make sure Facebook approves your verification request.

How to get your small business Facebook page verified

Have you decided to verify your Facebook page?

Before you start the verification process, make sure that your business’ Facebook page looks professional and credible to increase your chances of getting your verification request approved.

A few things that help in this regard are having a description, a link to your business’ website, contact information, and some content.


Let’s get to the verification process:

Go to your business’ Facebook page.
Go to your page’s settings and then go to “General.”
Click “page verification.”
Click “verify this page.”
Enter your phone number, country, and language.
Click “call me now.”
Wait for Facebook to call you with a verification code.
Enter the verification code.

And that’s it! If all goes well, you’ll get a verification message and your Facebook page will earn a grey verification badge.

Have in mind that a verification badge can be lost if your page repeatedly posts things that are against Facebook’s rules.

There’s another verification method that consists of sending your business documents for manual review. To use this method, click “Verify this Page with documents instead” at the bottom left of the window when asked for your business’ phone.

Then, upload a file or picture with an official document that shows your business’ name and address.

Easy Peasy

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