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Get Your Sleep on With a Sleep Sutera Pillow

You can expect the quality of Sleep Sutera’s pillows to be top-notch. The benefits of Sleep Sutera include orthopedic pain relief and essential oil infusions. The different pillow options are made with all sleepers in mind. You can reap the benefits even if you are a back, stomach, or side sleeper. Learn more at


Irvine, CA, March 10, 2020- With Sleep Sutera, you will find top-notch memory foam pillows can be adaptive for your head and neck or infused with the purest essential oils for your maximum comfort while resting.

“We don’t compromise when it comes to the materials we use. Our best-selling pillow is designed to give optimal neck and spine support, helping you achieve maximum comfort while you sleep,” says a spokesperson for Sleep Sutera. “Our orthopedic contour pillow can assist in relieving pressure to the neck, shoulders, back, joints, and hips. High-density memory foam assists in temperature regulation, making your night restful and cool.”

Sleep Sutera’s pillows are designed with the back, stomach, and side sleeping in mind to make sure customers are receiving all of these benefits. They also have a few different pillows that cover a range of customer needs.

The Sutera pillow is made of premium memory foam. It has a removable cover to make washing easier. They work for every type of sleeper. It works with odd sleeping positions to keep your neck supported.

They also have the Lavender Zen memory foam pillow that is infused with lavender essential oil. This pillow also has a removable cover to make cleaning easier.  It is equipped with breathable microchannels.

“Sutera’s ergonomic memory foam pillows have been a great help to achieve the additional body and neck support that our customers need while they are sleeping,” says a Sleep Sutera spokesperson. “The adaptive memory foam infused with lavender will help you get your most blissful sleep ever.”

Check out the Hyaluronic Acid infused pillowcase and see smoother hair and skin.

Their products have care and instruction manuals that you can download to make sure that you get the best use out of your product. You can trust the quality and integrity of the Sutera designs. Sleep Sutera’s products are loved by thousands of Americans. Learn more at

About Sleep Sutera: At Sutera, we believe in a world made brighter and kinder through better sleep. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide the most innovative sleep solutions on the market. From expertly designed orthopedic support created to fit your individual needs, to the highest quality textiles and materials available, we aim to elevate your comfort and adaptive design, without compromise. All Sutera innovations are designed in California by a dedicated team of sleep specialists. Each product is quality-checked to meet (almost) impossibly high standards. So you can rest easy knowing that the care team works tirelessly to give our customers 100% satisfaction with every product we design.

Contact Information: 

Name: Maoie Fabon
Organization: Sleep Sutera
Address: 300 Spectrum Center Drive Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: 949-561-1019
Email: [email protected]

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