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Parthava Coin Announces an Exclusive Coin Show Exchange With The Royal Canadian Mint

Parthava Coin is a Canadian online store that provides high-quality coins to all collectors and lovers worldwide.


TORONTO, Ontario, 24 February 2024— Parthava Coin, esteemed online numismatic retailer and official distributor of some of the world’s most respected mints, announces an exclusive coin show exchange in collaboration with The Royal Canadian Mint for coin enthusiasts and collectors alike at  [Divan Events]. Running from March 1st through the 3rd, this event will take place on-site and in North Vancouver.

Event Details:

  • Event Name: Divan Events
  • Date: March 1 – 3
  • Location: More details available at Divan Events

At this coin exchange show, participants have the opportunity to add the 2023 $2 circulation coin featuring the effigy of His Majesty King Charles III to their collection. Details available at The Royal Canadian Mint website

In addition, the coin show will offer attendees an exclusive opportunity to explore a vast selection of superb collectible coins directly from Parthava Coin’s exquisite inventory and select pieces from the Royal Canadian Mint, along with other exclusive Parthava coins, will be showcased and available for purchase. This event stands as proof of Parthava’s commitment to sharing the art of modern numismatics with a global community.

About Parthava Coin:

Founded in Canada, Parthava Coin has quickly established itself as a vanguard online coin retail store, offering high-quality collectible coins to a passionate global audience. As an official distributor for the Royal Canadian Mint, CIT Coin Invest, MDM Wholesale, Numis Collect, and Germania Mint, Parthava Coin bridges the gap between the timeless tradition of coin collecting and the modernity of today’s numismatic marvels.

With a team that embodies expertise and a fervent passion for numismatics, Parthava Coin not only retails, but also contributes to the development of modern coin collecting by creating some of the most distinctive and technologically advanced coins on the market.

At the heart of Parthava Coin’s mission is the desire to introduce the magnificence of modern numismatics broadly and to support collectors in their journey of discovery and investment. The selections on offer are continuously curated and expanded, creating anticipation for the unique coins set to be unveiled.

Project development at Parthava Coin is ever-progressing, with a landmark project in the works aimed at illuminating the modern numismatic scene. Collaborating with celebrated artists and utilizing groundbreaking technologies, Parthava is dedicated to bringing to life coins that captivate collectors and convey significant societal themes and narratives.

Media are invited to cover the event and can expect to engage with numismatic experts, view exclusive collections, and experience firsthand the unveiling of new Parthava Coin releases. For media registration and additional information, please contact at  [email protected].

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Website: Parthava Coin

Event Info: Divan Events

Follow @ParthavaCoin on social media for live updates and exclusive content during the event.

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