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How To Green Your Cleaning Routine

Using toxic cleaners to clean your home will contribute to indoor air pollution, Here’s How To Green Your Cleaning Routine and reduce indoor air pollution! 

Cleaning products are big business in Canada, we spend more than $275 million a year on them. Keeping our homes clean is about keeping our homes healthy right? Not the case if you’re buying conventional cleaners that come with a concoction of chemicals. Chemicals that leave VOC’s or volatile organic compounds lingering in our homes, that we breathe in and that cause a slew of health issues. If you are looking to make the switch to green cleaners starting with a DIY might be too much of a lofty goal. I always recommend making the switch to products that feel, look and work the same way as the ones you are used to.

Aspen Clean and their range is a great place to start. As I mentioned in the video I started using them about eight years ago and have been very impressed with their cleaning power.

I want you to get back to basics when it comes to the cleaning and laundering products that you use in your home daily.

Read more about the toxins lurking in your cleaning products by clicking here.

My top pick for cleaning products is Aspen Clean. Made in Canada and eco-certified by EcoCert. I use all of their products in my home (interchangeably with ones I make, for variety).

I can simplify my shopping time by buying all my cleaning products from one company and after trying so many on the market this is by far the most effective for me.


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I also love the fact that they offer 2 cleaning kits, The Complete All Purpose kit, and the Complete Kitchen kit, both of which I have found to be very effective products with economic value.

The All-Purpose Cleaner contains organic grapefruit & lavender essential oils. Safe and effective on all washable surfaces. 

The All-in-One Concentrate contains organic grapefruit; lavender essential oils, both are amazing antibacterial and anti-fungal agents.

It’s a very economical one-stop solution, effective for most cleaning needs. It can be diluted up to 40 times or can be used as-is for all those super challenging jobs.


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The SuperScrub Powder contains organic tea tree & lavender essential oils and can be used for all those tough cleaning challenges around the house, such as sinks, pots, and pans, stoves, toilet bowls, even ovens!

The Kitchen Cleaner contains organic bergamot & grapefruit essential oils. This foaming cleaner is formulated to work best on greasy soils. It is safe and effective on multiple kitchen surfaces.

The Dish Soap contains organic geranium & orange essential oils. The smell is amazing and I never seem to have enough of it, it’s so lovely, I sometimes use it as a hand soap as well.

Want to try Aspen Clean, they are offering you 20% off, just use the code ECOHUB20 at checkout, and let me know how you like them!



This post is sponsored by Aspen Clean. I only work with brands I know, love and use in my home. 

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