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Outsourcing: The Answer To Staff Shortages

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With staffing shortages becoming a very real issue for UK businesses, Causeway Connect have the answer to many companies’ growth, staff issues and operational challenges in 2022.

We have a range of services from remote, dedicated staff to shared resource solutions via our nearshore outsourcing model.  Outsourcing can be unfamiliar concept for businesses and does raise questions – will outsourcing cause issue loss of confidence for my customers?  Will outsourcing mean I lose control and consistency?

Many companies are concerned about compromising service and product quality for the sake of cost-saving when they decide to outsource business tasks.

At Causeway Connect we understand these concerns – that’s why our goal is to not only reduce costs, but also to improve the quality of the customer experience. This is our customer promise, in fact we guarantee you’ll be happy with the quality of service we provide.

When we place a candidate, we not only ensure a good fit and high caliber through a robust selection process, but also support in the integration of them into the business. This includes support in the onboarding, induction, training as well as the hosting, the supplying of any IT equipment and support in the ongoing management.

We are committed to making nearshore outsourcing a smooth and simple process for UK businesses, akin to having remote UK based staff, but at a huge cost saving – often half the cost.

Our process to finding the perfect candidate for our partners is part of our bespoke service, coming at no additional charge or finder’s fee, here are our key steps in the recruitment and selection process:

  • Initial call to understand employment culture, full requirements, ideal candidate & skills required.
  • Customer sends Job description or wish list of skills and experience.
  • We undertake bespoke customer search via our own database, LinkedIn, Facebook, forums, head hunting, seminars, job fairs, job boards etc
  • Internal team interviews candidates to ensure strong match
  • Team conducts any specific tests eg Language or technical
  • Short list of recommended candidates provided to our internal Head of Sourcing
  • Short list is approved to be forwarded to the customer
  • The recommended candidate CVs are formatted, internal interviewers’ notes added and sent to the customer
  • Meeting with the customer to discuss the recommended candidate’s CV’s
  • Agree with the customer which of the ‘recommended’ candidates they wish to interview and when
  • Arrange and set up the interviews with the customer and the candidates
  • Team get feedback, discuss candidates and agree how to proceed eg who’s short listed for 2ndclient interviews
  • 2nd round of interviews, agree who you would be your perfect match

With so many positions now becoming remote and businesses becoming more comfortable with a more de-centralised model of working, we believe it’s the perfect time to embrace a new way of working with our outsourcing solutions driving quality of candidates and cost efficiencies of up to 60%.

We refer to our unique service as nearshore outsourcing as the location is more connected and closer to the UK than more traditional offshoring and outsourcing Countries.  We have a strong presence in the UK, with our low-cost staffing service based exclusively in North Macedonia. There are several benefits to North Macedonia over traditional outsourced locations such as India or the Philippines. It’s just an hour ahead of the UK, ensuring that your remote team is in the same mind set and time zone, fresh and ready for a days’ work, as they would be in the UK.

With excellent levels of spoken and written English and less than 3 hours flight time, meaning you can visit your team in the same way you would visit a remote office in the UK, it’s an extremely viable and cost-effective way to grow your business.

Being so close and familiar to the UK in so many terms; language, distance, culture and time barriers associated with traditional outsourcing. Here’s our blog on why Macedonia is such a good outsourcing location for UK businesses.

There are many benefits to nearshore outsourcing, here are just a few

Outsourcing saves time and drives cost reduction

The number one reason for outsourcing is to save time and money. More often than not, a business chooses to take non-core activities out in order to free up stretched resources. As a result, you can focus on what you do best.

Nearshore outsourcing also presents valuable advantages when it comes to labour and operation costs. In comparison, hiring new employees or building new processes in-house would drive costs significantly, especially for small businesses. That’s precisely why gaining access to dedicated experts who understand how to coordinate their efforts with the business can make such a huge difference in the long term. We also have a relentless focus on quality, the reduction in cost is then amplified, and value increased, when the quality of talent is of such a level that it improves customer satisfaction and brand experience.

Outsourcing boosts business growth

Expertise drives innovation, productivity and growth, regardless of where the expert lives. At Causeway, we are committed to ensuring smooth and reliable work services with outsourced experts in Macedonia. So you can maximise their knowledge and experience at the best cost.

Additionally, you don’t just benefit from their expertise but also from top quality technology and infrastructure to pave the growth path. For small companies, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy the latest technology at a manageable cost.

It’s also worth mentioning that nearshore outsourcing brings culturally aligned talent close enough to understand your market culture. In many ways, it is similar to hiring new members of staff in the UK, except you don’t have to worry about the recruitment costs. Equally, a member of staff based remotely in Macedonia who is talented, qualified and hard working can be just as effective, if not more, as someone remote working in the UK. The only difference is it comes at half the cost and none of the additional fees or business expenditure.

Mutual benefits for remote workers and UK businesses

We are passionate about the outsourcing sector, which is why we are proud to redefine and reshape outsourcing to meet 21st-century expectations. Our outsourced team in Macedonia benefits from our support and first-class employee experience to build their career paths. Because we believe that low cost, qualified professional resources should receive the same value as the contracting business, we ensure everyone can build growth through the outsourcing activity.

Why choose Causeway as your outsourcing partner

We are committed to providing our clients with affordable, flexible, and high-quality services. With monthly contracts starting from £99 a month for live chat customer service support, small businesses can deliver outstanding services for a portion of the UK monthly salary.

We believe quality should not come at a crippling cost for outsourcing businesses but also outsourced talent. Therefore, we’ve build an accessible growth path for companies of all sizes and budgets.

We place high quality, experienced and qualified admin staff, support and help desk solutions, marketing, IT and HR roles amongst other more specialist positions from just £995 per month, with everything included for a flat monthly fee –  no hidden costs and no recruitment fees.

Get in touch with our team here to find out how more on our low-cost, high-impact services with access to professional shared talent and dedicated resource, and take your business to the next level.

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