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Give Back: 7 Client Appreciation Ideas to Show Them You Care

Client retention is a big deal. Your chances of selling to an existing client are 60-70%, compared to the 5-20% probability of selling to a new client.

One way to retain more clients is to show how much you appreciate them! Give back to your clients in a thoughtful and creative way.

Client appreciation doesn’t have to be extremely elaborate or costly. All that matters is that you convey the message, “We appreciate your loyalty and we couldn’t make it happen without you!”

Read on for our 7 client appreciation ideas that any business, regardless of budget, can pull off.

1. Free Samples

Everybody loves free samples and that isn’t limited to food. Show your clients you appreciate them by giving them a taste of products or programs you offer when they purchase something else. They’ll love the added bonus of a free sample and they may love what you’ve given them so much that it winds up in their cart next time around!

If what you offer is a service with no tangible products or programs to offer, skip the free sample and opt for a small discount. For example, say that your company provides lawn care. Offer clients a $5-$10 discount on a specialty service you offer that isn’t your primary money maker, like landscaping or tree trimming.

2. Loyalty Programs

Offering incentives is a great way to keep your clients. Start a tiered loyalty program with increasingly valuable rewards. You can make this as simple or as detailed as you want.

Offer your clients a punch card that will accrue punches with each visit. After a few punches, allow them to redeem their card for a reward.

Alternatively, let your clients unlock new and better discounts the more they show with you. Give your highest buyers VIP status to show how important they are to your business!

3. Send a Holiday Gift Basket

The holidays are a great time to show your client appreciation and what better way to do it than with a customized gift basket?

Choose from tons of different options at sites like GiftTree. Show your client that you not only appreciate them but you know them by filling their gift basket with things they love!

And if you’re not sure what their personal likes and dislikes are? Send them something that everybody loves like chocolate, coffee, or fine wine.

4. Host a Free Raffle

Free raffles are a great way to show your client appreciation and build stronger relationships with other businesses in your community. Partner with local spas, restaurants, or theaters and get tickets or vouchers that can be given to a handful of lucky winners.

Ask your clients to enter into your raffle the next time they stop in or make a purchase. Use your social media and email list to spread the word. Set a date to make a drawing and reveal your winners and give the gift of a great day!

5. Hold a Client Appreciation Day

Hold a client appreciation day in stores or online by offering a day of discounts, freebies, or free consultations. This is a great way to not only thank your existing clients but to target new ones, as well.

In-store client appreciation days are great because they show potential new clients how many people use and love your business. Showing evidence of satisfied clients is a foolproof, subtle marketing tactic.

Client appreciation days are also a good way to show your appreciation without having to dish out discounts and put in a lot of effort all year round. In fact, you can take just about every idea on this list and combine it into one big, exciting client appreciation day!

6. Throw a Barbeque

Perhaps you want to show your clients how much you appreciate them in a way that doesn’t feel sales-y or centralize around your business relationship. Throwing an off-site barbeque or picnic is a nice way to say thank you without pushing your business at the same time.

Admittedly, this works best for smaller, localized businesses. If you run an online company that makes nationwide or even worldwide sales, getting everyone together for some burgers and dogs will be a little difficult!

7. Give Clients Branded Swag

Marketing is everything, and you may not feel comfortable putting money into a giveaway or freebie that doesn’t benefit your business directly.

If that’s the case, invest in some inexpensive branded swag that you can give to your clients. Make it something practical like a tote bag or a mug so that your clients are more likely to use it on a regular basis.

The more often people notice your branding, the more familiar they’ll be with your business. Once your slogan or logo has stuck in their minds, they’ll think of you the next time they need whatever it is your business has to offer!

The best part about branded swag is that you can give it away all the time. Add your branded mug to the holiday gift basket you’re sending to clients or include a branded t-shirt in the raffle prize! You can even use your branded tote bags for your client’s purchases when they spend a certain amount or more.

Don’t Sleep on Client Appreciation

In a world of multibillion-dollar corporations and major retailers, clients may not always get the “human” treatment. Giving gifts or doing thoughtful things to show client appreciation puts the “I” back in “business” and makes it known that you truly care about them.

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