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10 Best SEO Marketing Certifications to Get for 2020

You could go to apply to a University and get a degree in marketing. You’d borrow thousands of dollars and receive a fairly well-rounded education. You’ll have a nice certificate on your wall declaring that you have a degree.

But what if you could get a similar education without spending money you don’t have? What if you could do so in less time and still increase your skillset? The internet is the best place to get a quick and cheap (yet full of value) education. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting IT Certifications or digital marketing certifications, it’s easy to find the right courses to fulfill your needs.

Today we’re going to talk about SEO marketing courses and certifications. I’m going to outline the top ten courses that will give you the know-how to wow clients and customers and rock at SEO. Ready? Let’s get learning.

1. SEMrush Academy

Are you looking to get the best of the best for cheap or even free? Then SEMrush is where you need to go.

Greg Gilford and Bastian Grimm offer free courses to boost your SEO knowledge. Want to understand PPC? They’ve got you covered. Want to rank on Google? Turn to SEMrush.

This is too good to be true, right? Wrong. They will give you the SEO knowledge for free in hopes you’ll pay to use their platform.

Certification is entirely FREE! Don’t mind if I do. *Hangs new certification on home office wall despite lack of visitors*

Side Note: If you want to garner brand loyalty, this is how you do it, peeps!

2. The SEO Playbook

This is not the cheapest course on the block. But it still beats spending thousands on a degree. In fact, the price of this course is less than the price of a one credit-hour course at a private university.

This course isn’t for beginners. You should take advantage of SEMrush first before signing up for this.

The course isn’t just an hour and done course like what you might find on Udemy. It includes over 100 training videos, more than 20 actionable templates, and more than 50 step-by-step tutorial documents.

You get to watch the course creator, Robbie Richards build out real websites and glean insight into how he drives traffic. And you get access to all this for the rest of your life (or at least as long as their servers stay active).

3. Yoast Academy

If you’re just starting out, this is another great place to begin. Yoast offers a free beginner’s course that goes beyond using a plugin.

Yoast’s premium courses aren’t expensive either. They’re all under $200. Of course, you could get a package deal for $700 if you like.

They’ll cover topics like SEO copywriting, WordPress SEO, training site structure, and more.

4. SEO Training Course by Moz

Moz offers one of my favorite free SEO plugins for determining DA. It’s a great tool for link building. But Moz is more than just a great plugin. They offer some amazing courses too.

This is the best place to learn about things like Keyword research (Moz essentially invented the practice), link building, On-Page, and SEO reporting. You can even customize your training to fit your needs if you want to spend a small premium. This means they’ll work one-on-one with your team and train them.

Prices range anywhere from $99-$600.

5. HubSpot Crash Course

This is like auditing a course in college, you know, that one-credit you couldn’t afford but you really wanted to fit into your schedule? This is that course.

It’s free. And it will give you some pretty great basics right off the bat. It will educate you on the basics of keyword research. It will give you an understanding of how to form content search engines will crawl. And so much more!

They deliver the course through daily emails for five days. You’ll want your notifications on for this one because you don’t want to miss a single day.

6. eMarketing Institute’s Free SEO Course for Beginners

Another great place to start for beginners is eMarketing Institute’s SEO course. You get ten courses absolutely free. And you get a certification to put on your wall or your LinkedIn if you like.

On top of the free courses, you get a small novel-sized ebook on SEO. It’s 156 pages long and you learn about link building, technical SEO, social SEO, and more. At the end of the course, you can take a free exam for your certification.

7. Learn SEO by Mangols

This is a short free guide with an opportunity for certification. This is a basic guide for beginners and it’s 9 chapters long.

You’ll get some great real-use cases, downloadable PDFs and some awesome infographics. All of this is free.

8. SEO Certification by the OMI

This training and certification is for marketing professionals who want to increase organic reach and increase relevant traffic. It’s another primer on SEO.

You’ll learn about duplicate content deletion, keyword research methods and tools, how to use Google Analytics, and overall learn how to increase your page rankings.

This isn’t just one certification. You can get certified in serval areas of SEO and other forms of content and online marketing. There are two individual tiers for this program, Basic and Pro. Pro will give you early access to content and a 25% discount on certifications.

9. ClickMinded Google SEO Certification

Do you want to understand how to create a full marketing persona? How about an overview of the fundamentals of marketing funnels? This certification covers not only SEO but other marketing tactics that synergize well with SEO tactics.

According to their marketing (which may or may not be true) 60% of the people who try for their certification fail. Whether this is a marketing foil meant to goad people into trying or truth, you decide.

Their search fundamentals training is free. If you want the full deal, you’ll have to pay close to $500. But they’re one of the few who offer a money-back guarantee which is always risky for them.

10. Market Motive Advanced SEO Certification

What sets this apart? A basic design and web architecture module. Along with competitive analysis and all the SEO basics, you’ll have a deep understanding on how search engines interact with the web and how to fool them.

This program isn’t free. It’s a $300 premium but it does give you a certificate in the end.

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