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Why Rent A Limousine or a Party Bus

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You may ask ‘why rent a limousine or a party bus’ for your event. There are so many reasons to do this that it takes a whole blog to explain it!

Luxury Limo Service or Party Bus Service Makes Every Event Better. Period.


No matter what it is you have to celebrate that involves transportation, the thought of being chauffeured in luxury style, brings a smile every time.

From the whimsical to the very serious, limo or party bus service takes things to the next level. A little more class and a lot less responsibility.

Do You Need A Reason to Rent A Limousine or a Party Bus?

Yes. Whatever reason you want.

In all seriousness, no, you don’t have to have a reason. Feel free to make one up.

Before anything new was created, we lived without whatever it was, up to the point of it being presented to us. Now we feel like we can’t live without most new things!

That’s where Limousines and Party Buses come in.


There was a time there were no limos. Whoever had the nicest or biggest car was the hero to transport as many friends or family as possible.

And it has only been only a couple of decades at best, for the history of the actual commercial Party Bus on the streets serving the public. (As opposed to Dan from down the street who painted a school bus real groovy and put a stereo in it.)

Any event with a party bus rental is an event that is going to be memorable.

More and more party bus renters return for other events, after experiencing just how much fun and relaxing it can be.

Surprisingly, most people have not experienced luxury service in a limousine or a party bus. Whaaat?

It is one of those things in life that should be on your bucket list. I’m not saying at the top of that bucket list, but it’ll raise its own stature once you do it. It’s rather easy to enjoy being treated like a VIP with luxury transportation.

Why Does a Limousine or Party Bus Make Sense?

Well, here’s why.


Other than showing up and having a great time, you don’t really have any.

You don’t have to be responsible for finding parking or dealing with breakdowns or even stopping for gas. If you are out for a good time with alcohol, there’s no worry about drinking and driving or getting home.



Rent A Limousine or a Party Bus for you birthday

You don’t really need to be convinced how good a luxury ride would be on your birthday, do you?

Of course not! Celebrate your arrival on the planet with a private limousine or a large group of pals on a party bus.



Rent A Limousine or a Party Bus for your wedding

Almost goes without saying. Limousines are a staple at Weddings and have been for years. These days, more couples are seeing the benefits of a party bus as they are more spacious and have easy access in and out while dressed up.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party


Rent A Limousine or a Party Bus for Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

These types of celebrations could be the #1 reason party buses found their niche and thrived. With capacity for large groups, a great sound system and party atmosphere, they make the perfect addition to any celebration.



Rent A Limousine or a Party Bus for Anniversaries

Recognizing an anniversary as a valuable, important milestone can be made even greater! Add a limousine or a party bus and make things even more special for special people.



Rent A Limousine or a Party Bus for Graduation celebration

Like, Duh! Whether it’s Junior High or High School or College to University, all the hard work and effort has paid off. Now it’s celebration time, then real life. Go big with a party bus or go low and stylin’ in a limousine.

Sporting Events or Concerts


Rent A Limousine or a Party Bus for Sporting Events or Concerts

A sure-fire way of keeping the group together, as it gets rather easy to lose someone inside the event when they’re off to the loo or the beer-stand. Arrive like a celebrity in a luxury limousine or bring the gang with you in a just as luxurious party bus. With no parking or drinking and driving issues.

We’ll meet right here when it’s over. Easy.

Pub Crawl


Rent A Limousine or a Party Bus for Pub Crawl

A party bus is a great way to keep the party in one place at all times. Party to your own tunes and drink on the way from pub to pub. Having a headquarters to return to with your stored belongings in the same place, takes a lot of responsibility away from everyone and makes it easier to deal with the task at hand. Of course, no road worries either.

Date Night


Rent A Limousine or a Party Bus for a Date Night

Can you score a bigger impression than picking up your date in a luxury limousine? Okay, maybe a bag full of cash or a tropical holiday, but you’ll still want the limo. It is not uncommon for two people on a date to request the full-size Lincoln Stretch limousine. It is about feeling special.

Brewery or Winery Tour


Rent A Limousine or a Party Bus for Brewery or Winery Tour

No better way to sample the tastes than while being chauffeured around from glass to glass in a luxury limousine. Or, maybe there are more interested friends than you thought that want to join in. Well, to quote ‘Jaws’, “you’re going to need a bigger boat”, or a bigger party bus. These tours are becoming more popular, as almost every major city seems to have sprouted their own little industry.

Golf Outing


Rent A Limousine or a Party Bus for Golf Outing

The security and lack of responsibility when using a party bus or limousine for your group of golfers is ideal. Golf is not the only thing on the mind of so many golfers when they hit the links with pals. There’s usually an ice-box or two involved and some silly golf-cart driving.

And you don’t need to worry about the ride home!

Ski Trip?


Rent A Limousine or a party bus for Ski Trips

Party buses or stretch truck limos are one of the go-to transportations to the ski hills and back. With the many varieties of limousines and party buses, it’s easy to understand why capable, flexible transportation like this is truly appreciated.

Day Trip?


Rent A Limousine or a Party Bus for day trip to Canmore, Banff or Lake Louise

If you’re lucky enough to have the Rocky Mountains as your back yard, a day-trip through the likes of Canmore, Banff or Lake Louise is like nothing else. Pulling over or stopping when the whim hits, gives the opportunity for everyone aboard to take it all in. Or maybe you have a pre-set list of where to stop throughout the day. Either way, luxury transportation options can make your day-trip as smooth and relaxing as possible!

Why A Limousine or a Party Bus Instead of the Nightclub?


Why A Limousine or a Party Bus Instead of the Nightclub

Saving money will be close to the top of this list. You and ten friends are heading out for the night of partying at the club. It will cost you to get there (and if you do drive you’ll probably need a ride home).

Then you’ll have to pay a cover charge to get into the club. Once inside, you’ll be paying for way over-priced drinks all night.

Instead, a party bus can be your club! With no cover charge, your own music, great light show, cheap(er) drinks, and the party goes wherever you want. Nuff said.

Why a Limousine or a Party Bus for You?


You want to feel special and treated like a VIP.

You deserve it.

You need a special setting.

Everyone participates.

Less responsibility.

Less expensive than ‘going out’.

Because you want to.

What About Money?


Most companies want your business now and to have you return again. You can save money by all travelling together. When you split the bill among all passengers, it can be as low as $10 per hour per person. That’s an affordable price for extraordinary service.

There are also some companies that offer limo packages. These can bundle your needs and service time together for a low, affordable rate.


What is the main reason for renting a limousine or party bus?



See you on the road.

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