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Now You Can Learn To Paint Your Own Car At A Fraction Of The Price A Professional Would Charge

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A car is a point of pride for many. It’s only natural that one would want to make it look as good as possible and reflect one’s own personality at the same time. With older cars, one sore point is always the fading paint, and a new paint job can contribute greatly to making your car look amazing and boosting your self-confidence in the process.

However, one major drawback of a new paint job is the cost along. Any halfway decent mechanic will charge you upwards of $5000 and you’ll be limited to the colors that the mechanic has available with him. Now, with the Auto Body and Paint course, you can save on all that money and paint your own car, like a true professional at a fraction of the cost!

The Auto Body Paint course focuses on all key areas for such jobs including dent removal, panel repair, sheet metal repair, spot welding, fiberglass repair, painting, body kit installation and modification, and other customizations. With painting specifically, you’ll learn how to mix and layer paints and apply them properly to get the best look for your car.

The advantages of the course are plentiful. First and foremost is the price, which comes to a reasonable $97. When compared to the $5000 bill you would get from a mechanic for a single color paint job, the price is an absolute steal. You’ll also end up learning a lot for the low price point and end up saving a lot of body shop bills for wear and tear and small scratches that one can get on their car due to daily usage.

With skills like dent removal, sheet metal repair, and spot welding, you would also be equipped with the necessary knowledge to start your own body shop as a side business and earn extra money in the process. If not a body shop, you could start a simple car paint business in your own garage. In fact, there are many who have taken the course and have started a car painting business in their garage. There quite a few success stories as well.

The disadvantages of the course mainly have to do with the medium of instruction. Many prefer to experience live human instruction and practical hands-on teaching, whereas the course follows a more self-taught methodology. You’ll be relying a lot on digital media and will have to take out time of your own accord to dedicate to the course. When not under someone else’s prescribed schedule, dedicating time can be a little difficult as something or the other will always seem more important.

However, there is a private support community for those who opt for the course. Members are very helpful and, being aware of the effort that a self-taught course involves, are sympathetic and are willing to help anyone looking for it and offer guidance and instruction.

So if car design is a passion, or you want to save money on your mechanic bills, you may want to consider looking into the course.

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