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3 Definitive Reasons Homes For Heroes is the Authority VA First Time Home Buyer Program.

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The VA first time home buyer program is an amazing guaranteed mortgage up to 100% of the purchase price from the Veteran’s administration, and can really jump start your real estate portfolio as you embark on your military career. Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing your home, the homes for hero program is here to serve you…The hero.


Originally posted on YouTube by Homes for Heroes
Homes for Heroes is a service provider program, vetted and approved. It was established to give back to not only military (active, reserves, and veterans), but also firefighters, EMS, law enforcement, healthcare professionals, and teachers. The 2 minute Youtube explainer video above give a basic overview.

Being a U.S Navy Veteran myself, I am proud to be an affiliate of the Homes for Heroes Nationwide Network, and this is my way of giving back to each and every hero that I can help in the community.

In today’s real estate market, it can be easy to get sidetracked to buy or sell your home, without stopping and asking yourself, what am I entitled to. You may have thought because your a Physician’s assistant, or a retired teacher, you have no benefits, but that simply is not true. We honor the HERO that is actively working or retired, reservist, if military.

Three Reasons Why Homes For Heroes Is the Standard

Below I will be listing the 3 Definitive reasons why Homes for Heroes is the standard for buying, selling, or refinancing your home. I will be covering how to get started in the program, how it works, benefits, and cost saving features, and best of all, how easy it is, with our circle of giving approach.



No that is not a typo. This is an exclusive service based program funded entirely by social enterprise. This is a private program not available to the public and we know you are the ones making sacrifices and putting other peoples needs ahead of yours. This is our way of saying Thank You. But how does it work you are wondering? A couple of ways:

  • As a hero home buyer, the Homes for Hero affiliate real estate agent, who is representing you in the home buying process, is giving you .7% of the sales price of the home, as your Hero rewards check. For example, if the home you are buying is $500,000 you are given a check at closing for $3,500, so that you may purchase what you need for your new home. In addition, you will receive up to a $750 credit on ALL lender appraisals, so really there will be no charge EVER on appraisals from your affiliated mortgage lender.
  • As a hero home seller, the Homes for Hero affiliate real estate agent, who is listing your home, is giving you a 25% credit on their gross commission at closing, which can add up thousands in saved money, increasing your profit on the sale.

Savings chart for homes for heroes


No Red Tape. No Hidden Fees. No Catch. To Learn more about the program, simply click here. There you can sign up to receive HERO savings, regardless of whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing your home.

Family that used Homes for Heroes to buy their first home.


Founded in 2009, the mission is to help heroes in dire need as it pertains to housing or emergency financial assistance. To date, as of 2019, over $670,000 has been granted to various American heroes nationwide.


Originally posted on YouTube by Homes for Heroes


In closing if you are in the hero community, and did not know about this, we encourage you to learn more about this program, and the various benefits it can provide to your family. Homes for Heroes is again, not a sales program, but a service provider program. All affiliates in Homes for Heroes are active in their local communities through HERO outreach programs in how we can support and help our firehouses, hospitalspolice stations, and military bases.

We look forward to seeing how we can help you today. To speak with your local Homes for Heroes affiliate to learn more, you can click here.

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