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Masterpiece Auto Appearance Provides Mobile Detailing Service to Dallas – Fort Worth Residents

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If you have not looked into mobile detailing services for your home or business, now is the time! Here is Masterpiece Auto Appearance we are in the business of making sure you are at the top of your game by applying a spectacular showroom appearance to your vehicle as if the vehicle was unveiled for the first time.

We are here to make sure you look great at all times, whether you are running errands, chauffeuring around an important client, delivering a service or even enjoying a night out around town, we want to make sure you are making excellent impressions on the people that matter most to you.

We offer a variety of services for vehicles of all types. If it transports people, we are happy to work our magic and enhance the look of any passenger car, motorcycle, SUV, Truck, or boat, we will even visit you for RV detailing. Our turn around times are fast, our quality of work is unmatched and best of all is that we bring our services right to your front door.

Detail Services

Mobile Detailing: is a core service that we provide and an added convenience for our clients. There is no need to leave the comfort of your home since we travel all over the metroplex to meet our clients. We provide mobile detailing for personal or company vehicles throughout Dallas, Fort Worth and areas such as Frisco, Plano, Grapevine & Southlake.

Truck Detailing: Here in Texas, people take pride in their truck as it is so important to helping people to run their business or enjoying outdoor adventures. After taking your truck through a good day’s work or an off-road excursion contact us so we can provide you a full detail today.

Motorcycle Detailing:  If you have any vehicle that gets you from point A to point B, we can make it look amazing. We detail all types of vehicles and have the equipment to clean even the difficult to reach areas.

Interior Detailing: When was the last time you cleaned the interior of your car? If it’s been a while, give us a call and we will come out and restore the look and smell of the upholstery like the day you bought your car.

Engine Bay Cleaning: Even though you may not open the hood of your car often, dust, pollen, dirt and leaked fluids accumulate on your engine over time. Remove debris, corrosive and combustible materials for the more enjoyable car. Besides, a vehicle that looks clean inside and out has a higher resale value than vehicles that do have a pristine image.

Headlight Restoration

Your headlights may not illuminate the road very well right now and your visibility at night will suffer. Restoring your headlights to its factory condition can be achieved through our restoration process. Instead of paying to replace a set of headlights you can save dollars by using or service. We can remove all the built-up dirt, debris, water vapor and oxidative damage caused by UV light in less than an hour.

What is Paint Correction?

It is the process of restoring the outermost of an automobiles paint job by removing contaminants and impurities embedded in the pores of the clear coat paint layer. The build-up of contaminants on a vehicle results in an unattractive dull or hazy appearance as light is reflected improperly.

Paint correction rejuvenates and enhances your car’s paintwork while creating a clean, crisp, uniform reflection. With the use of the industry’s best cleansing, polishing and protective compounds, that makes your vehicle look amazing; you’ll be speechless once we are finished.

Fleet car wash

Do you have a lot of company service vehicles?  We can wash all of your company-owned vehicles and make sure your entire fleet of vehicles looks great and are ready to be presented around town and make a great impression on your clients. In the past, companies have brought us in to wash employee vehicles as well.

Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating differs and far exceeds the benefits of conventional car wax formula in many ways. First and foremost, it is far more durable of a protectant lasting up to 3 years as opposed to 3 months with the standard car was solutions. Ceramic materials are principally made of silicon dioxide which has stronger hydrophobic properties than wax. Water tends to interact less with this protective layer and bead off your car rather than form puddles. Since it forms a stronger bond with your paint and interacts less with the outside environment, so your car stays cleaner longer, and your paint job receives superior protection insulation from the environment.

Contact us about Ceramic Coating for boats since we apply the same techniques and quality of service for vehicles with larger surfaces. The only difference is we charge by the square foot as opposed to an hourly rate.

Why Choose Masterpiece Auto Appearance?

There is a reason why our customers and numerous automotive expo vendors love our work and request or services time and time again. We use the best polymers the industry has to offer and our speaks for itself. To have your vehicle’s appearance in peak condition schedule your appointment with us at our car wash in Arlington TX or we will bring the car wash to you with our mobile detailing service.

We’ve been invited to work with the most prestigious automotive manufactures at the most popular auto expos across the nation.

Every vehicle we detail we treat as if it were going on a showroom floor where hundreds of people will view it. Therefore, our attention to detail and the time we put into your vehicle ensures your 100% satisfaction.

We never use abrasive chemicals or harsh cloths that can damage your car’s paint job. All our client’s vehicles receive a hand car wash and are treated with the utmost care.

Investing in a vehicle is the likely the 2nd largest expense you’ll make next to purchasing a home. Be sure to send your vehicle to a car wash and detail expert who appreciates your investment just as much as you do. We take our time with every single vehicle we lay our hands-on, unlike the local car wash company who always rushing to clean the next car in line.

Book Your Appointment Today

–          Give us a call today and let us clean your vehicle at a convenient location such as your home or place of work.

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