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PVA Celebrates 30 Years of Continuous Improvement and Coaching

The top-tier strategic partner is celebrating three decades of delivering transformational engagements that accelerate ROI and sustainable organizational change for its elite clients. Since 1992, PVA Management Consulting Firm has delivered successful performance improvement projects for various industries and businesses across North America.


Boisbriand, QC, September 13, 2022— Parisella Vincelli Associates, commonly known as PVA Management Consulting Firm, is celebrating thirty years of continuous improvement and coaching. The management consulting firm works with various industries and businesses across North America to deliver successful and sustainable performance improvement projects. As the celebrations kick off, the company has penned a heartfelt thank you message to its employees and clients for walking hand in hand for over three decades and promising more mutually beneficial years ahead.

“We are delighted to celebrate thirty years of continuous improvement and coaching, helping our clients accelerate their return on investment ( ROI) and achieve sustainable change. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to our valued employees over the years for their hard work, commitment, and dedication during these three decades of continuous improvement. We cannot forget our esteemed clients who have kept us going forward through beneficial partnerships. Cheers to more decades of working together!” said Alexandra Vincelli, Communications and Marketing Manager at PVA Management Consulting Firm.

Since 1992, PVA has delivered transformational engagement that helps companies accelerate their ROI through business process improvement, behavioral change, and management operating systems. One of the company’s areas of expertise is Mining Management Consulting, which helps established mining organizations improve their development and production cycle time. Through this continuous improvement and coaching, mining companies have addressed issues like historical cultures, poor communication, and workforce engagement.

Business process improvement is essential in any sector because it helps identify areas needing improvements to realize maximum and sustainable ROI. Whether in Manufacturing Management Consulting, utilities, or telecommunication, PVA helps organizations optimize their underlying processes to achieve more efficient results.

“Through our Assessment Process activities designed to identify opportunities for improvement, we will conduct a collaborative review of your business processes, identifying hidden opportunities for improvement. We believe that all work processes, no matter what type, require analysis and have significant opportunities for improvement. Our experience with hundreds of different types of operations allows us to identify operations or employee skills that need to be corrected, improved, or removed for business growth,” added Vincelli.

As a veteran business consulting company, PVA works with a unique approach that seeks to identify where the problem or opportunity lies, why the problem or opportunity occurs, and what the problem or opportunity is. The analysis process is designed to discover how an organization’s work takes place and flows from the beginning to the end.

About PVA Management Consulting Firm:

PVA Management Consulting Firm is a top-tier strategic partner that delivers transformation engagements that generate accelerated ROI and sustainable organizational change for its elite clients. Its specializations include mining, manufacturing, utilities, and telecommunications management consulting. Founded in 1992, the firm consists of a group of dedicated and seasoned professionals with years of experience in performance improvement.

Contact Information:

Name: Alexandra Vincelli, PPCC
Organization: PVA – Management Consulting Firm
Address:20865 Ch. de la Cote Nord, Suite 200 Boisbriand, Quebec Canada, J7E 4H5
Phone Number:(450) 970-1970

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