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Mobile App Ressista Gives People a Safe Place for Mental Health

Ressista is a new mobile app available on the iOS store for free that gives users a safe place to discuss mental health. Within their user profile, they will have access to daily affirmations, physical health tips, and forums. They can interact with other users’ posts, providing advice and guidance. Users can also post their own topics in forums, getting help and support. For more information, download the app in the iOS app store. 


New York, NY ‒ February 10, 2021 ‒ Ressista is a mobile app available on iOS that is committed to being a safe place for people to discuss, address, and improve their own mental health. In these uncertain times, having a platform for users to safely visit is essential for them to live happy lives.

In addition to working on themselves, users can provide help with mental health for others. Users can create their own profiles on Ressista. On their profile, users will have direct access to daily affirmation quotes. They will be able to easily keep track of all of the daily affirmations on their profile directly from their main profile screen. Ressista also offers physical help tips within the app. Users can use the live chat option to talk directly with other people to further discussions.

One of the aspects that makes Ressista a safe place for mental health is the forums. Forums are broken up into different categories, such as relationships, financial and work, social life, mental health, coping strategies, identity search, and positive space. Users can choose what category is best for them so they can find the proper guidance. With each forum category, users can create posts to discuss the issues they are facing and what they need help/advice with. They can feel free to vent out their feelings and ask for advice in a judgment-free zone.

Additionally, users can comment on other forum posts, offering help when needed. It is easy to post in a forum. Head to the category of your choosing, writing a topic name that clearly outlines what you want to talk about so people will be more apt to click on it, and write away in the topic details box. On your profile page, you will be able to see the forums that you’ve made posts in, making it simple to go back to previous posts and see what other users have said.

Download Ressista today for free on the iOS app store.

ABOUT RESSISTA: Ressista is an iOS mobile app that is committed to giving users a safe place to discuss their mental health. Using the forum option, users can create posts in different categories, asking for advice and support. They can also communicate directly with other members in the live chat option. Users will also receive daily affirmations and physical health tips. In a time of uncertainty and low morale, Ressista gives people a free option to connect with others and improve their mental health.

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