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Everything You Need to Know About Webmaster Tools

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Mastering webmaster tools can significantly increase your website’s performance. Learn everything about the useful web service in this guide.

You’re a site owner, sure, but you’re not what anyone would call savvy.

It was hard enough to make heads or tails of using cPanel. And now you have to figure out webmaster tools?

Everyone tells you that you should know how to use webmaster tools. They’re good for your site, they say. But you have no idea what on Earth they’re talking about.

Webmaster tools aren’t made for the express purpose of confusing you. They do actually have a demonstrable impact on your site performance. Here’s what they are, why you need them, and a few improvements you can make with them.

What Are Webmaster Tools?

First, let’s address the most basic question: what are webmaster tools?

Webmaster tools, provided by search engines like Google and Bing, are free online services that help you monitor and maintain your site’s performance in search engine results.

Basically, they’re your toolkit for ensuring that the people of the Internet can actually find your site when it’s advantageous for them to find your site.

They help you do all sorts of things, like verifying that search engines can access your site, allowing you to see what searches you rank for, and making it easier for search engines to crawl your site.

All through one easy-to-access dashboard, like Google Search Console.

Why Use Them?

These tools give you the resources to make a wide range of improvements to your site, improvements which translate directly into your SEO performance.

The single greatest advantage of webmaster tools is that you can see how search engines see your site, rather than seeing how you see your site. This helps you make strategic updates to everything from your site structure to your keyword usage.

It also allows you to spot errors that could seriously hurt your ranking. For example, Google uses page speed as a ranking factor. You might think your site is fast enough, but if Google doesn’t agree, your pages won’t rank that well.

A Few Key Webmaster Improvements

Let’s say, for example, that you’re dealing with that most basic tenet of SEO: keywords.

Using Google Index, you can find a section called Content Keywords. This shows you how Google thinks about your site in terms of keywords, allowing you to quickly see whether you need to optimize for different keywords or direct more attention towards specific keywords.

And that’s just one small component of webmaster tools.

They let you make HTML improvements, include structured data so that your site can be crawled more easily, and so much more.

Mastering Your Website

Mastering webmaster tools is just one small component of making the best possible website.

You see, your website, much like your ranking strategy, has to have a comprehensive approach in order to be successful. Everything from your domains to your server to your site layout will affect how your site performs.

We’re here to help you puzzle out the art and science of a great website. Check out our blog for more useful tips on crafting a better site, like this post on how to choose your domain registrar.

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