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If you are a business owner, you know how important it is to monitor things daily. Your presence has a great impact on the way your business runs. But, let’s be practical – you can’t always be there, can you?

What if you could keep up with everything that takes place while you are away – and, in the meantime, enjoy a few more perks, too, such as increasing productivity and reducing theft?

Make this a reality by installing a surveillance camera system using IP cameras.


The traditional analog camera held the title as the number one choice of cameras for trusted surveillance for many years. However, now that IP cameras have proven themselves as worthy competitors, they have grown to dominate the surveillance market.




  • Have unmatched image quality
  • Are easy to install
  • Are affordable
  • Offer authentic encryption to protect viewing
  • Use minimal wires
  • Connect to a variety of programs and integrations
  • Are easy to access and control remotely
  • Can be small and discreet


We could go on and on about IP cameras and the ease of use that they bring. If you are looking for a camera that will give you a high-resolution image that you can access at any time, from anywhere, then IP cameras may be your best choice.


When it comes to your business, you need a security system that is on your side. Even if you are physically present in the facility, what about those things that you can’t always see. Do any of these scenarios strike a chord with you?

  • That transaction that the cashier just made – did she ring that up correctly? What actually was the transaction that took place?
  • How about that delivery driver who claims he fell in the empty back hallway, but no one saw him? Now he is looking for compensation through Worker’s Comp and you are stuck with having to pay it since you can’t prove it didn’t happen.
  • There is also that woman who claims she fell in the parking lot and has hired a lawyer who claims your company was negligent. How do you even begin to prove your lack of culpability or that the claim is outright fraudulent?

IP surveillance cameras can furnish you with a lot of useful information about your business, whether you are physically present or not. You cannot possibly view everything that occurs at the location every minute of the day even when you are on site. So, why not have an extra pair of eyes always watching out for you and protecting your interests?


Perhaps a huge perk of installing a surveillance system – including those with IP cameras – is that you can integrate the camera system with your POS system. Yes – you read that right – combine both of these essential systems.

See, in the past you would have your POS system and your surveillance system co-existing in their separate silos. To get a full picture of a transaction that took place, you would have to get the timing right on both systems and look at them side by side.

Those days are gone forever!

Now, your surveillance system with POS integration will allow you to view your camera footage – in real-time, no less – and get a text overlay depiction of the transaction details. All as it is taking place!

At Remote Eyes, we provide highly valuable and indisputable forensic evidence of instances of employee theft and fraud – which accounts for half or more of all retail/hospitality losses. By giving owners and managers the ability to tightly control store operations, Remote Eyes directly and positively impacts any company’s bottom line.


Your surveillance cameras are constantly recording. But are you constantly watching? Likely not. Also, what happens to all that footage you’ve collected? If you set up an IP camera surveillance system, you may need to find hosting (a secure way to store the recordings) and someone to monitor it.

Remote Eyes offers cloud servers that can host and store your data safely and securely. Because it is not housed on location, you reduce your risk of losing your recorded data due to theft, fire, damage, destruction, or tampering.

When it comes to monitoring the plethora of stored images, you could spend your days watching endless footage, but that would mean giving up a big chunk of your life. Who has time for that? Instead, opting for monitoring by Remote Eyes means that you have a group of experienced professionals viewing and analyzing all of the transactions in your business.

With Remote Eyes Health Monitoring, you can proactively detect any problems with ongoing surveillance recording and allow time for corrective action to be taken. With swift action, this can all take place before any critical incidents are missed.

And, don’t worry – as an added protection – Remote Eyes cameras can be programmed for limited redundant recording on-site to protect against temporary loss of internet connectivity between your store and our Data Center.


IP camera surveillance benefits don’t just stop at the office, they also extend to the home. Your family is a prized possession that you want to do everything you can to protect. With all the negativity found in our world today, resting your head on your pillow at night can leave you a bit uneasy.

Who is going to be watching over your home to make sure it remains secure and protected?

By installing a surveillance camera system inside and outside your home, you are automatically giving yourself an increased sense of security. Did you know that many thieves will bypass homes with cameras and head for easier targets? The addition of IP cameras is a powerful deterrent to crime and violence.

If you have been looking for a way to protect the things that are important to you – whether at home or at the office – then setting up a surveillance system with a trusted industry leader is the way to go. With Remote Eyes, you will gain the confidence that comes with complete surveillance, protection you can trust.

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