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Ditch the String: 5 Benefits of Cordless Blinds

Cord blinds are a hazard to both babies and animals. Keep reading to see other reasons why you should switch to cordless blinds.

One of the easiest ways to update the look of a room is to add a new window treatment.

Cordless blinds are quickly becoming the most popular choice for anyone who wants a modern look.

There are also safety benefits in replacing your current window covering with cordless blinds.

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons to install cordless window blinds in your home.

Nothing to Hide

Traditional blinds with strings or cords always present the problem of what to do with the string. Do you tie it up? Or maybe wind it around and around an attachment on the wall? Maybe you just stuff it behind the blinds themselves.

Cords hanging down in front of the window is unsightly and can make the room appear messy. Not to mention the time and energy to untangle and untie them. By eliminating the cord, there is no struggle to figure out what to do. There is nothing to hide.

Safe For Kids

Kids are naturally curious. When they see a cord or string, their response is to pull on it or play with it. If the blinds were not installed properly, that poses a risk of being pulled down on top of the child.

In addition, it takes almost no time for a child to get tangled up in the cords and unfortunately, this can lead to strangulation. It only takes a few minutes to cause brain damage or even death.

Cordless blinds completely eliminate this risk for children. They are safe to operate and nothing loose to cause harm.

Safe For Pets

Children are not the only ones who like to play with strings. Pets love to bounce, pull and chase on the cords of miniblinds. This can also cause a choking hazard for them.

The constant swatting from a playful pet can also damage the blinds.

For homes with animals, cordless blinds are just the best choice.

How Do Cordless Blinds Work

Most cordless blinds work by simply lifting and lowering the hand. There is a mechanism inside that makes this a smooth and even transition.

There are even some cordless window blinds that can be lowered from the top down. This is a great advantage to be able to bring in light while still protecting your privacy.

Another option is to purchase the type of blinds that are controlled by remote control. Just a push of a button gives you the exact amount of light you desire.

Modern Design

Another advantage of mini blinds is their sleek look and design. With no visible cords, the window treatment has a streamline aesthetic feature.

The minimalist look is a popular modern clean design and goes well with almost any home decor.

Another trending look is the cordless faux wood blinds.

The Choice

Adding new window treatments is an excellent way to add your own sense of style to your home. When choosing which type to go with, keep in mind the safety and ease of use with cordless mini blinds.

For more information window treatments or how to choose the right look for your home, reach out.

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