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Industry-leading Stone Restoration Powders and Paste

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Stone restoration is a highly-skilled job that can be ruined very easily by the wrong products or an inexperienced tradesman. Most companies offer this service using too harsh abrasives and acids, which tend to destroy your stone. To repair and restore stone, you require professional-grade restoration products that are effective and have minimal effect on the stone.

Fortunately, MB Stone Pro’s range of restoration powders and paste can help you with that. They are trustworthy and from a highly-reputable brand. Below are some of the best stone restoration powders and paste.

  1. Porcelain Restoration Cream

Porcelain restoration cream is particularly designed to recover the defects on surfaces in entire body polished stoneware, glazed surfaces, and lapped stoneware. The cream can create an extremely fine surface micro-abrasion. This allows for the recovery of various defects such as minor scratches, dullness, scratches, and general wear.

Porcelain restoration cream functions without compromising the surface’s original appearance. You can use it within a surface recovery and protection system in honed or lapped porcelain stoneware. The product weighs 12lb and is designed for the repair application type.

  1. MB Stone Pro MB-20 Honeycomb Kit

MB-20 Honeycomb Kit is an exclusively proprietary brand of polishing agents and abrasives representing an industry-leading and positive breakthrough to polish granite and the majority of mercantile granite. These products work on serpentinites, ophicalcites, and serpentines.

The MB Stone Pro MB-20 Honeycomb kit includes;

  • 4-inch rigid pad driver
  • 4-inch honeycomb set
  • MB-20 (2.2lb)

The honeycomb pad is an impressive light copper diamond pad for granite face polishing and is available in a 4-inch pad. The rigid pad driver is a solid-built aluminum backer for granite. The product weighs 7lb.

Before using the product, it is worth noting that different stones tend to require different product quantities and different techniques. It is always advisable to call an expert if you are in doubt.

  1. KP92 Polishing Cream 5kg

The KP92 is an easy and ready to use polishing cream for marble, travertine, and limestone. The polishing cream is one of the best polishing compounds and an excellent chemical for daily hard surfaces. It is the best abrasive to remove soap scum-buildup, fungus, and embedded stains in grouting immediately. The abrasive is to be mixed with water before use and does not remove any smell.

It is suitable for kitchens, restaurants, and different stone surface types, whether with rough or honed surface textures. The product weighs just 12lb.

  1. Tin Oxide (Dark) Granite Polishing Compound.

Professionals use this granite polishing compound to remove scuffs and scratches. It restores the original sharpness and shine on the granite areas. Tin Oxide is considered the most-favored alloy powder used for granite polishing.

Tin oxide can be mixed with fine oil or water to form a paste that produces a high luster. The polishing compound is not for use on lighter stones. It is usually gray and tends to leave gray marks.

Apply the tin oxide to the surface using a damp cloth and continually rub and polish the surface until you attain the desired gloss. The product comes in 1lb containers.

  1. MB-14 Refine Honing Powder

Recommended for professional use only, the MB-14 refine honing powder works exceptionally well as a finishing product to attain a uniform honed finish. Experts recommend using diamond pads for the honing phase.

The MB-14 has unique applications, for example, getting rid of the unpleasant factory-made grinding swirls from honed and filled travertine tiles, Saturnia stone, Durango travertine, and any other hone-finished limestone, granite, or marble. The MB-14 is the perfect way to restore these stones.

For the application of this honing powder product, experts recommend using a 3M brand red nylon pad or a hog’s hair pad or under a 250/175 RPM floor machine. You need to utilize and apply the powder while it’s wet.

You can also use the honing powder to reduce the factory swirl from honed Black Absolute granite slabs prior to applying the MB-21 enhancing sealer.

The product weighs a total of 1lb, and with that amount of the product, you can expect to cover approximately 300 to 500 square feet.

  1. Tile Cream

This tile cream features an ultra-fine abrasive surface effect intended to restore surface flaws and material glazes, such as small scratches, scuffs, discoloring, and matte surfaces. It can also remove surface treatments and finishes without extremely affecting the material’s original look.

The cream also provides an excellent surface seal that elevates resistance to dirt and foot traffic from easily soiled surfaces. If you use Tile Cream on the entire body of polished porcelain stoneware, it can balance the material’s appearance if it wears as a result of foot traffic.

You can use Tile Cream to prime areas for a broader polishing intervention with more particular polishes. This is because it can substitute an easy mechanical polishing intervention.

If you use Tile Cream on porcelain ceramic surfaces, it also restores the material’s original appearance when it loses its shine and is scratched due to foot traffic and wear. As such, Tile Cream assists in restoring a surface’s original color while boosting its gloss.

The cream can boost the material’s gloss and dirt-resistance performance if you use it on ceramic flooring or textured or porcelain stoneware. The cream can also be used successfully to soften the extremely rough surfaces of textured material, thus reducing the dirt amount trapped on the flooring.

The product weighs 11.8lb and is used to polish travertine, limestone, marble, and granite surfaces.


Stone restoration experts require quality tools and materials to give them and the clients the desired results. There are two-step procedures that include honing and polishing after taking the necessary precautions when preparing to restore your stone. That is where the above stone restoration powders and paste come in handy.

When it comes to polishing, you can choose to do either wet or dry polishing. The dry polishing method calls for only dry polish-specific powder. With the proper technique, equipment, and products, stone restoration is an easy product intended to restore your stone’s aesthetic and possibly increase its durability.

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