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How to trade so easy is the question asked by many investors who buy and sell the riskiest financial assets. Inexperience can lead to staggering losses, yet the ease of trading using apps has turned amateur trading into a growing cultural phenomenon. The wisest course of action a novice trader can take is to self-educate and consider copying expert traders while they learn.

As an example, In the first three months of 2020, the popular Robinhood app reports that users traded 9 times as many shares as E-Trade customers, and 40 times as many shares as Charles Schwab customers, per dollar in the average customer account in the most recent quarter. They also bought and sold 88 times as many risky options contracts as Schwab customers, relative to the average account size, according to the analysis.


Trade So Easy Under The Wing of Experts

Also known as social trading, this trend is growing and for good reason. On a copy trading platform investors automatically “copy” every trade executed by another trader. The key is to find the right platform and the right experts.

As a copy trader, choosing a platform that does not require assets to be deposited is important to ensure control at all times. Platforms of this nature simply require the investor to open their own personal trading account on a supported exchange or broker site. Funds remain in possession of the investor and only a subscription fee is paid for services to copy expert traders.

This option is the easiest way to learn for complete novices.


How to Trade So Easy by Copy Trading

How to Learn While Copy Trading

Trading requires years of study and practice, dedication, and capital sufficient to support the learning curve with no guarantees. While there are no guarantees when copying expert traders, you can obtain the results achieved by those with expertise.

Copying the trades of experts is much like receiving signals for good entry and exit points but without the manual action. An expert trader develops a strategy for trading his own investment account. That winning strategy is executed without consideration of those copying, as this is irrelevant to the goal of the expert to make a profit for his own account. Each buy or sell is automatically copied by the platform software in the investor’s account within seconds of execution by the expert.

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To replicate an expert’s trades proportionally, each copier sets the desired percentage of account allocation. If an expert is trading with a $100,000 account and invests 1% in a new trade, that same amount would use the entire balance of a copier with a $1,000 account. The platform software makes it possible to trade so easy by automatically allocating 1% of the copier’s account, while also using only the percent allocated. So if 50% allocation was set by the investor, then 1% of half the balance would be used to copy the expert’s trade.

Each trade executed by the expert can be viewed in the copiers platform account, as well as their exchange account. This gives the copier a great opportunity to learn about the assets being traded, and study the expert’s strategy. Platforms permit the following of several traders with different strategies, trading different pairs.

Why Copy to Trade So Easy?

In addition to the reasons outlined above, the main reason to copy expert trades is to make a profit. To optimize the profitability of trading without having the necessary knowledge, copy trading is a good option. It takes only a few minutes to learn to use a copy trading account, and less than an hour a week to manage the account. You can obtain high and constant short-term profits while maintaining the ability to withdraw your assets at any time.

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It is important to choose the right platform so true expert traders with proven performance histories are being copied. It is equally important to properly allocate your capital, and understand the basic principles of trading. There are risks to trading any investment, but copy trading is an option that greatly lessens the risk for those with no experience while teaching how to trade so easy.

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