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The Brand That Single-Handedly Changed the way SEO Works

There’s a reason why most brands and small businesses gravitate towards Paid ads when compared to other forms of marketing and why shouldn’t they? It’s aggressive and with the right amount of Pixel data on your hand, you can push the sales to the next level and scale it to the moon. But…it’s not all good, Aside from Facebook’s and Google banning issue one of the biggest disadvantages of running Paid Ads is that your sales stop from the moment you stop pouring in the money into your ad account and just like that your store can go from making 7 figures a year to absolutely nothing. But why would you stop paid ads in the first place if they working so well? Well If I am strictly talking about small business here then the biggest reason would be profitability margin and technical issues that come with it.

Running successful winning ads is NOT an easy thing to do plus you have to constantly deal with Facebook and Google ad algorithm changes which can affect even your winning Ad Sets. That’s why so many brands Switch their marketing efforts over to Organic Side of things AKA SEO only to realize later that’s it’s the slowest thing in the world.

SEO is known to be one of the best ways to grow your business without doing a lot once your ranking in Google is high enough then sales will come in regardless. Though it requires time…A LOT of time which is quite the opposite of what a new brand and small business would like to do to get sales.

The Usual way of approaching SEO is really simple and familiar, You Get in touch with an SEO Agency they promise you all this good, show their case studies and blah blah blah. This is the everyday stuff that the majority of the brands choose to go with. Now the problem arises when they have to wait about 6–12 months to see even a slight increase in their traffic and ranking and by that time they are already running out of funds to run the business let alone spend a fortune in SEO.

A good and reputed SEO agency charges anywhere between $2,000-$5,000 in monthly retainer which is a lot if you are just starting and they don’t get you the type of results you are looking for in the timeline you want. I wouldn’t say it’s the Agencies fault per se because the nature of SEO is just really slow and time-consuming. After all, it takes a lot of effort and constant work to push your rankings and increase the traffic but even after doing all of this…As a brand owner, Why don’t you get the results you want? It’s simply because you ignored the basics and jumped straight into the advanced territory of keywords, Backlinks, and Content Creation. You have to get your Basics Right.

I noticed this problem a long time ago where every major SEO Agency is doing the same thing offering the same type of service to all of their client’s which is just dumb because every client is different and requires bespoke treatment When I started HopNop I knew the only thing that I would focus on is getting the basics right and delivering the best results when it comes to that. A simple and clear goal which most agencies don’t have.

But what exactly do I mean by Basics for brand owners? Going a bit into the technical side of things the “Basics” of SEO would be

  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Speed Improvements
  • Lighthouse Overhaul
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Smooth User Experience

These are some of the Basics to name a few and without these things no matter how high you rank you will NOT get any sales or good traffic that converts.

Google’s Rankbrain AI which is the controlling figure of SEO right now doesn’t care about what kind of Keywords and Backlinks you have if your website loads slow, has trash optimization for mobile devices, and just have zero focus on the structure of web design. Rankbrain cares about Bounce Rate, Dwell Time, and Most importantly how good the website is optimized for the “User” because, in the end, Google cares most about their “Consumer” than anything else.

If your website load time takes more than 2.8 seconds then you are already in the majority of business owners where they lose about 70% of their user, Just think about this…As a consumer, you will probably gravitate towards a brand website more when it’s blazing fast, Has a clean and user-friendly UI plus a structure that’s easy to understand and navigate. It’s Not Rocket Science If you want Good Traffic and Stable user base then Focus on these basics first.

According to ShopifyMilliseconds means Millions” and it refers to Website speed.

“Feature-rich eCommerce sites can turn more shoppers into customers. But the very same features can also make your site heavy, slow it down, and cause shoppers to leave before it renders.

The need for speed is understood universally — a one-second delay in page load time can cause a 7% loss in conversions — but delivering a customer experience full of rich media, instructional videos, inventory insights, live chat, payment options, personalization engines, and customer reviews, demands features and third-party solutions that can negatively impact site performance.

It means milliseconds matter and can make you millions:

  • Reducing average page load times by helped frozen meal provider COOK increase conversions by 7%
  • For each in homepage load speed, digital storefront provider Mobify increased conversions by 1.11%, resulting in an annual $380,000 increase in sales

As stated above, that one-second delay leading to a 7% loss in conversions can mean thousands of dollars in lost sales each day. Other data shows that improving mobile site speed by just one tenth of 1% can lift conversions 8% and spending 10%.”

I know you are reading this to find out what “Agency” is changing the way SEO Works, And It’s us at HopNop, I know I know it sounds so over the top and self-centered but after struggling to find a good SEO Agency for my small and mid-sized businesses I just decided to make one that solves the massive and most obvious issues that others tend to ignore only to realize later that they cannot grow without those basic principals.

We believe in clean and lean operation when it comes to handling client and delivering service, Everything we do is One-off which means the service and strategy we do for you will not be replicated for other client’s. Being a Minimalist helps in creating business a lot simpler and result-driven with super clear goals in our agenda for every single brand we work with. We decided to go with a one-time fee that will keep your brand running smoothly and solve all the basic issues of SEO that hold your brand back from getting good traffic and that rank push. Eliminating the need for Monthly retainers we can help and focus on Small-Mid Sized Business and Brands.

Now, If you really want to grow your business and focus on things like On-Page Optimisation, Speed Improvements, Lighthouse Changes, and Conversion rate optimization then you can apply to work with us. (We have gotten really good when it comes to taking a client’s so we don’t mindlessly on-board anyone and look forward to working with brands and founders that are genuinely passionate about what do they)

Apply Now (We hope to see your application soo : )

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