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Greenville Lawyer: Best Criminal Defense Attorney Greenville, SC

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The Price Law Firm is one the most established law firms in South Carolina, providing legal services and in-person consultations since 1906. Greenville SC law firms provide sound legal practices, legal assistance, and free initial consultations. These firms help you access top legal experts who will educate you on basic knowledge about your rights and which proven defense strategies will work best for you.

It is crucial to get accurate advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney when facing an allegation of criminal misconduct. At Price Law Firm, you can find some of the best criminal lawyers near me in Greenville, SC to protect your rights and provide legal representation for both individuals and businesses. Our team of criminal defense attorneys, Greenville, SC can offer immediate specialist legal advice at every stage of the criminal process.

Our private criminal defense team is capable of helping you no matter the offense you may have been accused of. You will find competent criminal defense lawyers at the Price Law Firm who will:

  • Go to court in your place so you don’t miss work or school
  • Ensure professional and compassionate legal support
  • Give you the best chance of being found not guilty

Criminal Lawyers in Greenville, SC: Felony or Misdemeanor

Greenville SC criminal defense lawyers near me E. Powers Price and James Hardy Price learned how to defend clients in Greenville, Anderson and Spartanburg SC alongside their father Chip Price. These highly-skilled attorneys handle both federal crimes and state crimes.

Criminal offenses in South Carolina are categorized into different felonies and misdemeanors. Felony crimes are considered more severe than misdemeanor-level crimes. If a criminal offense fits into the standard legal classification system, the length of jail time is decided according to its felony or misdemeanor class.

Suppose you want an in-depth overview of what kinds of sanctions certain charges or circumstances might allow for enhanced criminal penalties. In that case, you need to meet with a criminal lawyer in Greenville, SC.

Whether it’s a felony or misdemeanor charge, every criminal offense can have devastating effects on your future. Criminal cases have unique properties and potential outcomes; it is essential to get guidance from an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Greenville before going into any kind of legal battle. At Price Law Firm, you can talk to a skilled team of criminal defense attorneys about your specific legal options.

Criminal Defense Attorney Greenville, SC: Greenville Lawyers

Criminal cases require a lot of legal preparation, discovery, and ongoing support, so it is crucial to hire a criminal defense attorney who is willing to go to trial on your behalf to aggressively pursue your rights.

You can hire our criminal defense attorney in Anderson, SC, who will work hard to get the most favorable outcomes from your case so you can move on with your life. Or we will serve as your Spartanburg SC criminal defense attorneys in the Municipal Court of Spartanburg South Carolina.

Call today to speak with our attorneys near me in Upstate SC, and receive your free consultation lawyer phone call, virtual meeting or in-person consult with our South Carolina criminal lawyers. Contact us at 864-271-3535.

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