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Why Are RV Mattresses So Uncomfortable?

Anyone who has an RV has experienced it: you get an RV so that you can camp anywhere you want–any National Park, National Forest, lake, river, beach, anywhere–and you get an RV because you’re tired of sleeping on the forest floor in tents where you have rocks and roots and pinecones digging into your back all night. You want all the glories of the great outdoors, but you want the comforts of home.

And then you try to sleep in your RV. And it’s awful.

The fact is: the mattresses that come with almost every RV are going to be terrible. And there’s a reason for that. RVs are built with a few big goals in mind and one of those goals is to be as light as possible. Whether we’re talking about an RV that you drive, or an RV that you tow, the weight of the vehicle is a major concern.

So RV manufacturers cut every corner that they can to make the RVs as light as possible. And a lot of that is good, honest construction: using lightweight but strong materials like aluminum and fiberglass to build the RV are decisions that make a lot of sense.

But one place they almost always cut corners are the mattresses.

Mattresses can be heavy. A regular mattress that you put on your bed can weigh quite a bit, and RV companies want to brag about how light their RVs are, so the mattresses they’ll put into the new, off-the-lot RV are not the best quality mattresses you can find. Sometimes they’re nothing more than a sheet of thin foam.

So you’ve been driving all day, get to your campground, ready for a good night’s sleep–and it’s like you’re sleeping on a piece of plywood.

This is why RV mattresses are so uncomfortable.

How Can I Get a Better Mattress for My RV?

The good news is that you have a lot of options when it comes to getting the best memory foam mattress for your RV. And the best option is to get a Gel Memory Foam RV mattress from Dynasty Mattress.

Gel Memory Foam is a different kind of material than what you’re commonly used to. Maybe you’ve tried memory foam mattresses–maybe you even have one on your bed. Memory foam is a very technologically advanced material. It was actually invented by NASA scientists to use in the seats of the Space Shuttle for astronauts.

Memory foam conforms to the shape of your body, making it an incredibly comfortable material. It’s like you have a perfect form-fitting cocoon that was carved just for you to fit into snugly.

But there’s a big drawback to memory foam mattresses: they get hot. Because they cradle your body so perfectly, surrounding every part of you, they make you sweat. These mattresses are just not breathable. And if you own a memory foam mattress then you’ve no doubt experienced this and have had to make accommodations, like sleeping with the covers off, or tossing and turning so no part of you gets sweaty too long.

Enter Gel Memory Foam from Dynasty Mattress. Gel Memory Foam has a layer of gel built into the memory foam, and it cools you down. It wicks away the heat so that you get every bit of the comfort of a memory foam mattress, but you get the cool relaxation of sleeping on air.

It’s not stifling, it’s not claustrophobic, and it’s not hot. It’s pleasant and comfortable.

What About RV Gel Memory Foam Mattresses?

One thing that you may have noticed if you’ve got an RV and looked into replacing your terrible standard mattress is that RV mattresses are different sizes from mattresses that you would use at home. A queen RV mattress is different from a regular queen size mattress, and a king RV mattress is different from a king.

This is another way that RV companies are looking to cut down on weight (and space): they make everything in the RV a little bit smaller and a little bit tighter. This is true even in spacious RVs with all the bells and whistles.

While, yes, there are some RVs that use full size mattresses, what is much more common is to use things like a “queen short”. Where a regular queen is 60” x 80”, an RV queen short is 60” x 74”. They cut six inches off to make the mattress fit into a smaller space. It’s like a standard mattress size–only several inches shorter.

And this is true of almost all RV mattresses. There’s an RV short king, an RV short queen, a three-quarter mattress (slightly smaller than a full mattress), and there’s all different sizes of RV bunk mattresses.

But do you know where you can get a perfectly sized mattress for your RV, and not only a perfectly sized RV mattress but a Gel Memory Foam mattress? You guessed it: Dynasty Mattress.

What Are the Best RV Mattresses Available?

Dynasty Mattress has the RV memory foam mattress reviews to prove how good the mattresses are. In fact we have pages and pages of reviews from satisfied customers, reviews that we don’t censor or filter. If someone has a bad experience, you’ll know about it. But what you’ll find reading our review page is that happens very, very seldom.

Because you can’t make a bad mattress good. Some people will try to solve the problem of their standard RV mattresses by fluffing them up with a mattress topper, or try to put some more cushioning under it as a support layer. And while we 100% agree that mattress thickness is an essential part of a good mattress, mattress toppers and extra foam rubber are just never going to compare to the quality comfort of memory foam, and the cooling properties of gel.

Freedom Has Never Felt So Good

You bought your RV so that you could go out and see the world. You bought it with the express purpose that you were going to be sleeping in there as you experience nature in all its glory.

But waking up to even the most gorgeous sunrise over snow-capped mountains is not going to be the same if you’re having back spasms from a terrible night’s sleep. Your hikes in the woods, your fishing in the lake, and your sitting around the campfire are going to be miserable if you literally could not sleep all night on a terrible mattress.

That’s why you need to get your RV sleep space with a brand new Dynasty Mattress. Feel how good it is to wake up refreshed and invigorated. Cook some coffee on the stove–or fry up some bacon over the coals of the firepit–and get ready for a beautiful day. You should never have to put up with a sub-par mattress when you can have a pressure-relieving, cooling Gel Memory Foam mattress from Dynasty.

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