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The Importance of Cleansing Carpets of Pathogens and Bacteria

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Are you wondering about cleaning your carpets regularly during the pandemic? Prioritizing the health and safety of your loved ones is the need of the hour and carpet cleaning plays a pivotal role in keeping your house germ-free. After all, even if you leave home only to run essential errands, like getting groceries or household items, you could be potentially bringing the virus back into your house on your hair, clothes and shoes.

According to several research studies, pathogens live for several days on an array of surfaces including your carpets, floors and kitchen counters. Turning to a professional rug and carpet cleaning service can reduce your family’s risk of being exposed to the virus. Apart from that, cleaning your carpets frequently is a great initiative to protect your floor covering investment. As we become mindful of pathogens, using different methods to clean carpets, therefore, makes great sense.

Now let’s dive into the advantages of keeping your carpets and rugs clean and sanitized.

Whether you have a Persian rug, wool or silk carpet, unfortunately, they are all high-touch surfaces, especially if you have small children it becomes an imperative to sanitize them regularly. If you’re confused about how you should go about the cleaning process, hire a carpet cleaning service in Toronto.

  • Sanitization helps prevent the risk of getting exposed to germs, viruses and dust.
  • Keeping your carpets and upholstery neat and tidy improves indoor air quality.
  • Regular vacuuming prevents the buildup of allergens and bacteria on your carpet.
  • The life span of your carpet depends on how well you treat it. Make your carpet investment worth the penny by keeping it well-maintained.
  • A clean carpet signifies the overall cleanliness of a home or facility.

Here are some carpet cleaning types we do at Steam Kleen to keep your home safe and keep the virus at bay:

Steam Carpet Cleaning:

The steam carpet cleaning technique utilizes steam technology that helps improve indoor air quality. Steam carpet cleaning is a method that involves injecting high-pressurized solution into the carpet pile, then immediately extracts it with a powerful vacuum system. It has become an increasingly popular method to clean carpets. This is a great cleaning approach to remove embedded germs, dust, soils and contaminants in your carpet.

Wool Carpet Cleaning:

Wool carpets need special attention, wet cleaning your wool carpet can cause them to shrink. It is always recommended to steam clean your wool carpet, as it’s the best method to remove deep-rooted germs, dust, soil and stains. The rough surface of a wool carpet easily hides dirt without failing to look clean, so pay attention to the hidden details of your wool carpet.

Silk Carpet Cleaning:

Silk carpets are elegant and known for their unique sheen and gentle texture. When it comes to cleaning, silk carpets always need special care. If you try to use rental equipment, you can end up damaging your silk carpet, by causing it to get thinner, dye bleeding or warping. Steam cleaning is the best option to break down soils, loosen oil deposits, and remove spots. Besides, for an additional cost, you can get a protective coating applied to your silk carpet.

Persian Rug Cleaning:

Persian rugs are classified as a type of Oriental rug originated from Persia (Iran). Having a rich regal history, a Persian rug can be a statement piece in any household. These artistic rugs are hand-woven with beautiful floral designs. So, if you have invested in a Persian rug, don’t forget to put an extra effort into maintenance by hiring a steam cleaning professional to make sure your rug has no hidden contaminants and specks of dust.

Thinking where to start your carpet-cleaning journey? We’re here to make your life simple and make your home a healthy space to breathe.

Turn to a Trusted Toronto Rug Cleaning Service:

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