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Goodera Announces Hybrid Volunteering Opportunities as Companies Explore Back to Office Option

Goodera is expanding its inventory of volunteering opportunities by offering a mix of physical and virtual options for companies that are looking to strike a balance between remote and on-site work.


Menlo Park, USA – September 28, 2021: Goodera is excited to announce the extension of its diverse global inventory of volunteering opportunities to include hybrid volunteering activities. With over 75% of companies planning to return staff to the office, there is a growing interest among companies in organizing volunteer events for employees who are no longer working from home.

Last year, Goodera developed Karma Hub to provide a varied variety of virtual volunteering possibilities to assist businesses in continuing to give while working remotely. Goodera is increasing its inventory to include hybrid volunteering alternatives now that the workforce will spend some time at work.

Goodera has classified all volunteering opportunities that involve a physical component – be it employees in the same office room, direct beneficiary interaction, volunteering along with family, or visiting the nonprofit – as hybrid volunteering opportunities. The most common hybrid volunteering scenarios that Goodera has seen so far have been events where a portion of the workforce participates remotely from their homes while the rest gathers in an office conference room.

“With the growing interest in hybrid working arrangements, our clients have been wondering what volunteering would look like in the future,” says Abhishek Humbad, Founder & CEO at Goodera. “While virtual volunteering was a success last year, this year’s focus will shift towards hybrid volunteering. Goodera has already upgraded its inventory to guarantee that businesses and employees have all they need to get their hybrid volunteering model up and running.”

Goodera’s new service will allow businesses to select the best virtual or physical volunteer opportunities that cater to both its remote and office staff. The versatility offered by hybrid volunteering empowers organizations to meet the diverse needs of their on-site and remote employees. Additionally, hybrid volunteering has also been shown effective in enhancing employee engagement – more so than virtual volunteering.

Over the last year, the number of global volunteers has climbed fivefold, and this trend is projected to continue. With over 20 hybrid volunteering events under its belt, Goodera feels that a hybrid volunteering catalog is critical in meeting rising demand since it can provide the diversity and flexibility that employees and businesses seek.

About Goodera: Goodera is an employee volunteering, CSR, and ESG management company that enables corporations, foundations, governments, nonprofits, and employees across 90+ countries. Goodera empowers companies to provide engaging and impactful virtual volunteering experiences to their employees globally and achieve volunteering goals.

Through curated volunteering opportunities, end-to-end program management, and impact measurement, Goodera offers a seamless volunteering experience. Goodera enables non-profits to create a sustainable impact by raising money, increasing visibility, and building long-term volunteers for causes they support.

Goodera is currently deployed at 200 companies – including Target, Gap, Dell, and Amazon. Managing over $500 million in CSR capital, the Goodera platform is used by corporates to collect and aggregate data from internal and third-party sources. Goodera is co-headquartered in Menlo Park, CA, and Bangalore, India. For more details, please visit

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