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Why Are Shoes So Expensive and Are They Worth It?

One look at a list of the most expensive shoes in the world lets you know that you could buy a home, a car, or even finally pay off your massive student loans all for the price of a pair of stilettos. 

But even if you’d never dream of forking over a quarter of a million dollars on shoes, you have noticed that prices on footwear seem to be getting out of control lately.

This is especially true when it comes to designer, organically-made, and other high-quality kicks. 

Why are shoes so expensive today, and are all those high prices really worth it? 

Read on to find out. 

Why Are Shoes so Expensive?

First, let’s tackle the age-old question, “Why are shoes so expensive?”

Of course, part of the high cost is the ability to brag that you’re a part of an elite social class that not only knows about the latest designer shoes, but can also afford to buy them. 

But there’s a more ethical side to the high cost, too.

Pricy pumps mean that the laborers used to make them were likely paid a fair living wage. It also means that high-quality materials were used in production.

Other causes for a hefty price tag include limited distribution, the use of special technology, (like these options) and eco-friendly materials.

They Can Be an Investment

So, are expensive shoes worth it?

While that’s a question you can really only answer on your own, many people correctly see coveted shoes, like SSENSE’s collection of Givenchy sneakers, as an investment. 

We’re not just talking about investing in higher-quality materials so shoes can last longer (though that’s part of it.) 

We mean the idea of “flipping” shoes. Smart buyers make a living purchasing new drops in different sizes, inflating the price, and listing them for sale on eBay and other sites. 

People will pay serious cash to own a piece of history, get an exclusive shoe that few people have, or even (especially for the wealthy) to avoid having to wait in line for a shoe drop. 

How Can You Find Expensive Shoes for Cheap?

If you want to save money on shoes, check out places like Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, and even your local thrift shop. 

Especially if the shoes were well-made, the fact that they’re pre-loved won’t hurt their functionality. Plus, no one needs to know you got them secondhand. 

Also wait to shop for online sales, look for coupon codes, and buy directly from a designer when possible. 

No Matter What You Paid, Rock Your Kicks

Whether you’re a bonafide sneakerhead or if you just want a shoe that’s comfortable and well-made, we all find ourselves asking, “Why are shoes so expensive?”

We hope this post has helped you to understand the reasons behind the high costs.

You can see why you might consider putting your money towards one pair of shoes instead of buying several pairs of cheap shoes throughout the season. 

Need more style tips and tricks? Want to learn about upcoming shoe drops and the latest trends? Interested in opening your own shoe store? 

Our blog covers all those topics and more, so bookmark our page to make sure you don’t miss out. 

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