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How to Spot Fake Canada Goose Jackets on Craigslist

Its that time of year again where many outlet stores are liquidating winter weather gear.  As a result, there are great sales to be found on amazing, high quality winter jackets.  Unfortunately, there are also many scams and fakes that get posted to sites like Craigslist. If not the item itself, there are also many posts scattered on all of Craigslist that have links to discounted Canada Goose Jackets.  Here is a like to the REAL Canada Goose website… if they are not having a sale, then the “sale” advertised is likely a fake.

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Here are the ways to tell if the Canada Goose Jacket post is a fake:

Canada Goose doesn’t go on sale.  If the link you see in the post says that there is a massive Canada Goose Jacket Sale on Now… there isn’t.  They are either selling you a jacket at full price, or a fake jacket at a discount.   Canada Goose jackets and clothing lines are all made in Canada using only the highest quality materials including down and coyote fur.  There is such a huge demand for these jackets and other clothing that demand outweighs supply.  Search all of craigslist by state to find a legit jacket near you.

If you are looking at buying someone a Canada Goose jacket on Craigslist, kijiji or any classified ad site here are some tips of what to look out for:

  • PRICE:  Simply put, if its real, the seller will not part with it for a few dollars – it will still cost hundreds.  a used jacket will still sell for approx. 80% of its retail value.
  • TAGS: Canada Goose changes the Tags every so often.  A quick google search will show you  what the tags where for a given year.  Counterfeit tags do not keep up with the trends and remain constant.  I found some links to tags at[IMG][/IMG]
    Latest tags as of 2011 Winter 

    Tags of 2009/10

    Real pre 2009 tags


  • FUR:  The fur is a dead giveawy for a fake jacket.  As I stated above, real Canada Goose Jakets use genuine premium coyote fur.  This is expensive stuff and counterfit jackets will use synthetic fur or cheap fur that is not uniform and peiced together from multiple sources (old fur coats).
  • LOGO: Just like Tags, the logo has alos changed over the years.  the current circular logo is one of the more used counterfiet logos due to popularity of the new jackets.  Watch for spelling mistakes in the logo and any website address.  Older jackets had a different logo featuring a goose outline on a black background.  If the counterfieter didn’t do their homework, they may still be using this logo.  Also look at the stiching of the logo.  Real logos are crsip and clear.  The 5 maple leaves on each side will be pointed and clear.  Logos will have Canada Goose (R) not TM, Co or anything else.
  • CUFFS:  early models of the jackets had elastic cuffs that match the color of the jackets.  A blue jacket will have a matching blue elastic cuff.  Canada Gose changed thier design about 2005 so that all jackets, regardless of color, have a black elastic cuff.  NO new jackets will have colored cuffs.
  • HOLOGRAM: As of Fall 2017, a new hologram label has been sewn into every Canada Goose product as proof of authenticity. The hologram has been created exclusively for Canada Goose and no one else.  It features a Polar Bear image and elements that can be seen from different angles.

Canada Goose Counterfiet Site:

If your craigslist ad is pointing you to a Canada Goose Outlet storefront, here are some things to look for:

  • If the store is legit, it will be listed on the Canada Goose official retailers section.  Search the name here
  • If the storefront or website is full of spelling mistakes, this will be a dead giveaway that it is not legit.
  • Has a legit store been hacked?  Yes this doe happen from time to time.  The easiest way to determine if you are following a legit sale is to look at the domain name.  If links on an official store link to another domain (eg you know its not legit.

Craigslist is full of real Canada Goose items, but also an easy target for people selling fakes.  Now that you know the facts, go Search all of Craigslist for Canada Goose Jackets!

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