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Get Your Cyber Security in Help Desk Sorted


Gladsaxe, Denmark, 18 March 2021 – COVID has forced millions of employees to work from home. This requires new devices and new software licenses – but what about support?

In most organizations, work-from-home has many positive consequences. The employees are working hard, and they continue into the evenings and over weekends to get the job done. Looking ahead, we can expect that work-from-home will continue on a much higher level than before the crisis.

Expect to see a higher load and tasks you cannot support today. Expect to see more load at unusual times, like nights and weekends. If the support isn’t available, then the employees cannot do their job, and our companies will lose productivity.

It has also been reported that cyber-criminals exploit the situation. It is more difficult for the central support team to verify if someone calling in is a real employee or a criminal impersonating a real employee. New tools such as Self Service Password Reset are needed to get the support done without increasing the costs and risks for organizations.

Self Service Password Reset

What users want is a solution where they, in a simple way, can verify their identity to a self service, and then the PC works again. This will help the user carry on even when it happens on weekends or night time.

What is Vishing?

Vishing or Vishing Attack is a new method of phone-based social engineering. It is when a criminal impersonates a victim to get relevant information such as personal information, bank account, financial information, credit card details, and all other sensitive data resulting in identity theft or data breach.

MSPs on the hunt for multi-tasking tools that covers productivity and Security

Managed Service Providers have thought of reducing the burden on the service desk and

let users give themselves a better service than the service desk can. They also wanted to double secure their Client’s IT security.

The MSP Password Management ideal tech solution should:

  • reduce calls to the service desk
  • reset passwords for remote PCs through a company VPN
  • provide secure, unbreakable user identification to prevent hacking
  • be a multi-tenant cloud-based architecture for low-cost operation

With FastPass MSP Password Management Solutions, MSPs can meet your users’ and customer’s requirements without risking cost & security.

FastPass can tailor-fit password solutions for service providers that cover passwords and credentials in the active directory along with our best team and best practices.

As a result, there is a low risk of data breaches for MSP Clients.

About FastPassCorp: Listed on Nasdaq/Copenhagen stock exchange. Founded in 2000, FastPassCorp’s vision today is to provide enterprises with secure and efficient password processes. This includes quality self-service password reset solutions for end-users and secure facilitated identity verification to Service Desks and Help Desks. The company has engaged in massive Identity Management projects, studies & training ever since.

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