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5 Abortion Pill Facts That Will Set the Record Straight

Are you in the early stages of pregnancy and considering an abortion?

If so, you may qualify for the abortion pill instead of getting a surgical procedure.

What Is The Abortion Pill?

The “abortion pill” is also known as a medical abortion, not to be confused with a surgical abortion.

During a medical abortion, the hormone known as progesterone is prevented from reaching the uterus. Since the uterus needs progesterone for a pregnancy to develop, the pill effectively terminates the pregnancy by discontinuing it.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths out there about the abortion pill. But this is an important alternative to surgery and you deserve nothing less than the truth.

Keeping reading because we’re about to dispel those myths and set the record straight with five facts every woman must know about the abortion pill.

1. The Abortion Pill Is Safe, But There Are Side Effects

Medical abortion is a non-invasive alternative to surgical abortion, and it’s also very safe.

Severe complications are extremely rare with the abortion pill according to the latest research compiled by the National Abortion Federation.

Now, this doesn’t mean there aren’t minor side effects that come with medical abortion.

It’s important to note that during a medical abortion, women will experience vaginal bleeding and cramping because the uterus lining has to flush out of the body. This is essentially the same as experiencing a miscarriage.

Other common minor side-effects you may experience could be minor spot bleeding and nausea.

The doctor may prescribe an over-the-counter pain medication for discomfort, such as ibuprofen, Advil, or Tylenol.

2. Abortion Pills Are Not Alternatives To Daily Birth Control

One of the biggest myths about abortion pills is that they’re used as an alternative to daily birth control pills like Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Yaz, or Estrostep for example.

No doctor would ever prescribe abortion pills as alternatives to birth control pills.

Likewise, the abortion pill should not be confused with Plan B, the morning-after pill. Plan B is only used within the first 72 hours of having unprotected sexual intercourse.

3. The “Abortion Pill” Is Actually Two Pills

What you may not know is that the abortion pill method is actually two separate medications taken in two doses. This is true if your pregnancy is past the 10-week mark.

The first dose is a medication called mifepristone. This is the medication that effectively stops progesterone in its tracks to cause the uterus lining to disintegrate.

The second dose is misoprostol, a medication that constricts the womb and flushes out the lining.

4. There Is A Limited Time Window To Take It

The abortion pill alternative can be taken up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, but not thereafter.

Additionally, there are different dosage requirements for 10-week pregnancies versus 24-week pregnancies. For example, pregnancies that are 9-weeks along or less can withstand both medications within one dose.

But always consult your clinic’s doctor first, which brings us to our fifth and final fact to know.

5. Get The Abortion Pill Directly From The Clinic

We can’t stress enough how important it is to consult wth a physician before taking the abortion pill.

Your medical abortion should be monitored by a trusted Abortion Clinic Chicago can provide.

This will ensure a fast and speedy recovery, along with the peace of mind that you’re in great professional care.

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