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Women Support Women with A Directory of Women-Owned Businesses in Utah is a directory of women-owned businesses where you can buy from, promote, mentor, and invest in women-owned businesses based in Utah.


Utah, Oct 7, 2021– In Utah, women own 89,000+ businesses. That’s enough businesses to fill the seats in Rice Eccles Stadium twice! But being a woman in business is not easy, and women business owners have been hit especially hard by the pandemic but there is nothing more powerful than women supporting women. And at Utah women owned business directory they know it.

“The pandemic has disproportionately impacted women-owned businesses more than the average business due to the industries they are involved in, the lack of access to capital and childcare,” said Ann Marie Wallace, state director of the Women’s Business Center of Utah. “We believe it is important to help women-owned businesses, and the economy in general, by encouraging people and businesses to buy women-owned, promote women-owned, mentor them and invest in them.”

The directory can be found at and is searchable by both city and county throughout Utah, making it both localized and easy to locate women-owned businesses across industries.

The Women-Owned Business Directory will:

  • Showcase women-owned businesses in Utah
  • Serve as a tool to support those businesses
  • Assist in locating businesses and facilitating collaboration with other businesses.

In addition, the directory permits those listed businesses to get further support from the Women’s Business Center of Utah through training, business counseling, and other resources. There is no membership required to utilize the Women’s Business Center of Utah or join the directory; both are free services for any women owned businesses in utah.

And who could be in the directory? Profit businesses that are women-owned and operated. Including home-based businesses, solopreneurs, side-businesses, brick and mortar, online, e-commerce, service-based or product-based businesses, and franchise businesses. You won’t find MLMs, non-profits, or businesses owned by a woman but controlled by a man.

This free resource was funded by federal tax dollars through the CARES Act from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and is an essential step in helping women-owned businesses recover from the pandemic’s effects.

Did you know that Utah ranks #6 in the United States for economic clout? This means that they rank in the top ten in the nation for growth in the number of businesses, revenue, and employees, which is no surprise since businesses that started by women have surged by 21% since 2014. Women-owned businesses earn 15.7 Billion dollars a year in Utah, so if you had 15.7 billion dollars, you could buy 39,250 homes at the average price in Utah of $400K.

By some calculations made on their site, they find out that if women controlled half of all the businesses in the state: 25,000 new businesses and 162,000 new jobs will be created.

At Utah Women-Owned Business they want to make sure that any woman who wants to own a business has no barriers in front of her. They advocate for women business owners and make sure they have the tools they need to start and succeed in growing their businesses. So if you want to learn more about this amazing initiative or want to become part of their community visit and find out about this business directory utah.

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