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GSP LAW Ready to Provide High-Quality Legal Services at the New Toronto Courthouse

GSP Law, led by a distinguished attorney Gagan Pannu, is dedicated to providing top-notch criminal defence services to residents of Brampton and the GTA.


Ontario, CA, 20 April 2023— Toronto, ON – GSP LAW, a leading law firm in the Greater Toronto Area, is proud to announce its readiness to provide top-notch legal services to clients within the newly unveiled Toronto courthouse. With a reputation for delivering quality and timely legal services to clients in various parts of Canada, GSP LAW is poised to become a key player in the newly opened courthouse.

Ontario has unveiled a state-of-the-art courthouse in Toronto that will serve residents, lawyers, and judges alike. The courthouse building is one of the largest in the province and possesses modern facilities such as innovative video-conferencing technology and settlement conference rooms.

“The new courthouse will provide a conducive environment for our clients to conduct business,” said Gagan Pannu, Barrister and Solicitor and leader of GSP Law, adding, “Our firm is well-prepared to handle any legal challenges that may arise when our clients are at the courthouse.”

With the opening of the new courthouse, GSP LAW is committed to providing top-notch legal services tailored to clients’ specific needs. The firm is determined to ensure clients’ experience dealing with the law at the courthouse is as seamless as possible.

The new courthouse will house 73 courtrooms and serve as the region’s legal activity hub. From small claims court cases to appeals to criminal trials and disciplinary action, clients can trust GSP Law to provide personalized service and protect their legal rights.

GSP LAW has a successful record of representing clients in various areas of criminal law, including the following:

  • Arson
  • Assault Charges
  • Criminal Harassment
  • Driving Charges
  • Drug Charges
  • Failure to Comply with Recognizance
  • Firearm & Weapons Charges
  • Fraud
  • Manslaughter
  • Murder Charges
  • Procuring/Living on the Avails of Prostitution
  • Property Charges
  • Robbery
  • Sexual Assault Charges
  • Uttering Threats

The firm takes pride in providing personalized service to all its clients, ensuring that each client’s unique needs are met.

For more information about GSP LAW and its legal services or to make an appointment with their legal professional, contact the firm through their website or by calling their office. The firm has offices in various locations across the Greater Toronto Area and is always ready to offer legal advice and representation to its clients.

About GSP Law:

GSP Law provides the best disciplinary lawyers and criminal defence services at all court levels. As a trusted local criminal defence lawyer, GSP Law ensures that all clients in Brampton get a fair trial and that their rights are fully respected and protected.

Contact Information:

Gagan Pannu

GSP Law, 197 County Court Blvd., Suite 201 Brampton, ON

(905) 789-7840

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