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Gay and Lesbian – Custom Wedding KOOZIE® and Coolies

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Gay marriage KOOZIE® & COOLIES

Sometimes got it did make Adam for Steve…

We at are willing to take a stand. We strongly believe in equality, not just a quality for some, but equality for all.

Doing this may cause us to lose some customers, however, we do not care. If you prefer to think that someone is a second class citizen because of their choice and sexuality, we do not want to as a customer. So feel free to take your business somewhere else.

Not only are we willing to take a stand, but we can tell you, that we have done it since the beginning. We printed our first gay marriage Coozie for Bob and Mike back in 2006. We have no fear and we are proud to say we support gay marriage at our company. So feel free choosing any of the templates above and we will happily print them for you.

Not only do we believe in equality for all, but we also have family members that are gay. So if you need gay marriage KOOZIE® & COOLIES, you are more than welcome to come to our website and shop around. If you do not see the design you like, feel free to talk to one of our certified designers and we will print those KOOZIE® & COOLIES for you.

Also, we will probably print KOOZIE® & COOLIES for bisexual, transsexual, lesbian, a sexual, frankly any kind of sexual you can be we will print the Coolie for you.

So feel free to print these KOOZIE® & COOLIES for your perception, your bachelor, your bachelorette, or your announcement party. We often print several styles and Coolie designs for various gay weddings, every year.

Please do not be afraid to share with us a design that you would like to see, even if it is not on this template page. It calls like we say in sometimes god did make Adam for Steve.

Gay marriage is now legal in a majority of states of the United States and is generally recognized by most legal entities that one could imagine. However we are not done yet as not every state, legal institution, and court recognize gay marriage as a legal and binding relationship. A portion of all proceeds will go to support equality for all from our site. So rest assured a portion of the sale of any Coolie order will go to protect and to promote equality.

This equality can be based on sexual preference, color, race, skin color, sexual orientation, age, sex, frankly we do not care if you are each human being, you are alive, and you deserve to be treated as every other person on this planet. No questions asked. That is just how it is. And we will not rest until it is that way for all.

So feel free to eight us, feel free to not buy from us, but we will not tolerate people being treated unfairly.

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