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Gaming Chair vs Office Chair; Here Are 7 Differences

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If you’re looking to buy a nice new chair for your gaming setup, you might be making a tough choice pretty soon. Are you headed to the office furniture section, or are you making the switch to a gaming chair?


Is there even a difference? Gaming chair vs office chair, why does it matter?


If you’re someone who spends a lot of time playing games or even watching people play games on online streaming sites, you’ve definitely seen some cool gaming chairs. But what makes them so special?


If you’re trying to figure out what to buy for your space, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn about 7 differences between your typical office chair, and those gaming chairs that everyone has been talking about.

Karnox Gladiator Ergonomic Gaming Chair

1. Armrests

Karnox 4D armrests

This might seem like a strange place to start, but it’s incredibly important.


Depending on what kind of game you’re playing, you might be spending a lot of time putting pressure on the armrests. In other games, your armrests might be getting in your way.


You want armrests that are fully adjustable, and that you don’t have to fight in order to play your games (or just sit leisurely at your computer).


There are several different types of armrests that come standard on chairs.


Static armrests are ones that don’t move at all. These obviously aren’t ideal for much of anything.


2D armrests can adjust widthwise and heightwise, giving you a bit of flexibility. They can sometimes be clunky though. Many office chairs have this kind of armrest.


3D armrests have all of the flexibility of 2D armrests, but with the addition of in-depth.


4D though is where gaming chairs really shine. Not only can they move all of the directions of the 3D armrests, but they’re also able to rotate.


This gives you complete control over where your arms are resting. This means that if you want those armrests completely out of your way, you can totally do that. If you need a good resting place to reach your controller or keyboard, you can do that too. You can always have comfortable arm and shoulder positions.


2. Back, Neck and Head Support

Karnox Gladiator with extra neck and head support

The average office chair offers some back support, and many of them offer a good amount, but gaming chairs are meant to support people gaming for hours per day.


The high back of a gaming chair makes it easier to have good posture, supporting not only the back but the neck and even head. And some of them are supplied with add-on soft cushioning for the neck and lumbar support depending on the needs of your body.


Sitting hunched over all day isn’t ideal for the body, so the high back and added support of the gaming chair is an obvious winner.


3. Padding


Gaming chairs provide extra padding where office chairs sometimes fall short. This padding can be important when you’re sitting in the same position for hours per day, streaming to your fans or trying to win an important tournament.


Sitting in an office chair can be quite comfortable for a few hours, but the lack of sufficient padding can leave you sore after a little while.


The padding of a gaming chair is often more suited to conform to the body than the padding of a standard office chair, making it ideal for long term gameplay.


4. Reclining

Karnox Hero gaming chair

While a nice straight back is good for posture, did you know that it’s sometimes better to recline once in a while?


Sitting upright for too long can lead to long-term back pain, and the ideal angle to recline at might be a low 135 degrees.


That’s much more reclined than any angle that a standard office chair offers if it reclines at all.


Gaming chairs, however, often go to (or past) that angle, allowing you space to give your spine a rest when you need it.


5. Covering


Office chairs can be made out of any number of materials, some more luxe than others.


On the low end, you have your standard fabrics. There are a lot of cotton blends and polyesters.


On the high end, you’re finding your leathers and pleathers. These leathers (and alternatives) are great and luxurious, but if you’re someone who spends more time gaming than working in this chair, it might not be the best choice for you.


Leather is awesome for an office chair, but it can get really warm when you’re sitting in it for too long. It’s also difficult to clean, and any spills from snacks or drinks will be a disaster.


Gaming chairs are often made from easy to clean materials that are either super breathable or keep cool during sessions.


6. Seat Shape

Karnox Legend bucket seat

Most office chairs have standard, flat and padded seats. These are comfortable enough, and fit a wide range of bodies.


Many gaming chairs have a different seat shape, a bucket seat. These seats are modelled from racing seats.


They’re contoured to hold the body in place and ideally provide more support and comfort. While some people might find them a little bit uncomfortable, over time they should allow a better and more supportive gaming experience.


They may require a bit of “breaking in”.


7. Aesthetics

Karnox Legend seat with edgy aesthetics

This might not be important to everyone, but these seats just look pretty cool.


Office chairs can run the gambit from boring to downright regal. Gaming chairs though tend to look futuristic and sporty.


Some of them come in fun colours or can be customized for your needs or to suit your brand.


If you’re a streamer, aesthetics matter. The chair is a part of your image. There are streamers that people recognize by their gaming chairs alone.

So, Gaming Chair vs Office Chair


Which is the right choice for you?


They both have their benefits, but if you’re going to be spending hours gaming with your friends or on a stream, you might find yourself benefiting from the extra features that gaming chairs have to offer.


Office chairs are great for office work, but gaming chairs have their own purpose. If you want to protect your back, neck and head and ensure maximum comfort, a new gaming chair might be in your future plans. In the gaming chair vs office chair fight, there’s a clear winner if you’re actively playing games.


For more information on gaming chairs, or to pick one out for yourself, visit our site. There’s plenty to choose from to suit your gaming needs.


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