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Shoudn’t I Do Credit Repair Before Tradelines?

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You might think nothing of your question, but it is music to our ears. You must determine the best course of action and then take it. In the case of credit repair vs. tradelines, you must make the correct choice.

Yes, tradelines are powerful. And yes, your credit score is going to increase no matter what. But as we explained before, your score doesn’t go up enough, then tradelines are useless. Credit repair is the best option in certain circumstances. Tradelines are the best option in other circumstances.

The biggest problem we face in the trade line industry is the current credit situation of the client. Meaning, if the client’s credit report has too many negative items, we actually recommend credit repair first so that the impact of trade lines will be fully realized.

Most questions concerning trade lines can be answered with the words “it depends.” Your question absolutely falls into that category. Whether you should engage in credit repair services prior to adding tradelines depends totally on what’s in your credit report. In addition, it depends on the critical you’re trying to achieve. I know that’s very general, but that’s the best I can do without performing full credit report analysis.

You should also consider threshold matters, such as whether a negative account like a collection is large enough to be an automatic denial of a loan you seek. In those types of situations, you just have to do credit repair or debt settlement prior to adding tradelines, because even if the trade lines work in your score shoot through the roof, you’d still get denied for the loan.

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