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Harbour UK Bracelets Celebrates Seven Years of Making Handcrafted Bracelets for Men and Women

Founded in 2015, Harbour UK celebrates seven years of making beautiful, handcrafted bracelets for men, women, and couples. The bracelets are inspired by Asian knot-tying techniques and South American influence using locally-sourced, sustainable material that guarantees quality. Learn more here.


London, UK, January 25, 2022 – When Pablo founded Harbour UK Bracelets, he envisioned incorporating his Argentinian culture with the Asian knot-tying techniques to make unique bracelets. The handmade rope bracelets are gaining popularity in the UK and beyond due to the many benefits they offer. Both men and women can wear these decorative pieces, they are adjustable to fit any hand size and come in unique designs.

Seven years later, Harbour UK Bracelets is a leading jewelry online shop with a range of bracelets for men, women, and couples. These products are carefully handcrafted and made from eco-friendly and high-quality materials. The pieces are waterproof, fashionable, and worn by men and women of any age.

“I have always been passionate about handmade products, the love, and originality in them. That is why I pour my heart out and soul into creating original bracelet designs every day. My inspiration comes from Asian knot-tying techniques and South American influence. I take the best from both cultures and design unique pieces that I am proud of. The last seven years have been the best of my life because I get to do something I love every day while making clients happy,” said Pablo, owner and founder of Harbour UK Bracelets.

The shop has categorized bracelets into three groups. The first category is the rope bracelets men that offer style and class. Men can choose thin or wide waterproof bracelets that complement their fashion style. These bracelets provide several options in terms of color, texture, weight, and details. For instance, men can get a rainbow knotted bracelet or one with a tiny skull to match their preferences and personalities.

There is another category for women featuring sleek and fashionable bracelets. Women can shop beautiful pieces for themselves, mothers, sisters, or women friendship bracelets. These bracelets are delicate, colorful, trendy, and beautiful. These pieces provide elegant style to women who love minimalistic and personalized jewelry. They have diverse designs, from beads to rope, with unique details such as hearts, flowers, stars, name initials, and spiritual symbols such as buddha.

Harbour UK Bracelets is all about spreading love. That is why they have a dedicated category for couples. Couples celebrating anniversaries or other special occasions can shop matching personalized bracelets to strengthen their relationships.

“Are you and your special someone celebrating an anniversary? You can find couples’ bracelet sets personalized to your relationship yet fashionable,” added Pablo.

About Harbour UK Bracelets

Harbour UK Bracelets is an online shop that sells handcrafted bracelets for men, women, and couples. The bracelets are made of locally sourced materials to guarantee high quality. They are waterproof, adjustable, and fashionable while made with love and passion. The business aims to create quality products that keep their clients coming for more and make a positive difference in the local community.

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