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Everyday Tips to Boost Your Mental Health

How many of us have exercised today or eaten something healthy? How about drinking plenty of water? We all do things each day that are just small and simple things, that will have an impact on our overall health, including our physical health. But what about the small and simple things that we can do each day to help our mental health? There are many things that we could be doing, and that don’t need to cost a lot or take up much time. But making our mental health as much of a priority as our physical health is so important. Here are some of the things that you could be doing to help yourself.

  • Tracking your gratitude and achievements is  important in life, but it can really help on those days when you are feeling a little down and delicate. So how about getting an activity journal to record everything? You could include things like some of the things you were thankful for that day, as well as the things that you were able to get done that day or that made you feel proud.
  • Believe it or not, starting your day with a cup of co­ffee is actually linked to lower rates of depression. So if this sounds like something that you would need, it is worth giving a try. If you only drink coffee for the caffeine reasons, then a better choice for you could be something like green tea.
  • Having something to look forward to is really important. So how about arranging a getaway? It could be something as simple as camping with friends, or something more elaborate like a trip to the Caribbean. The planning of a trip away and having something to look forward to can help to boost your happiness levels.
  • There are some natural remedies that can help with mental health, such as essential oils. Some of the best ones to lift your mood are wild orange oil (great to diffuse in your room), lavender oil (which can help with sleep), jasmine oil (which has been used for centuries to help to reduce anxiety symptoms. You could also try something like CBD oil which many people use to ingest to help with anxiety symptoms. Just do your research and make sure that you get organic and therapeutic-grade essential oils.
  • Working to your strengths is something really important. When you do things that you are able to do and are good at, then it can really help to give your confidence a boost. Then when you’re feeling more confident, you can try more and more things to really push yourself.
  • They say that laughter is the best medicine, and for your mental health, it is something that can really help. So take time out of your day to laugh. It could be just hanging out with a friend, watching a funny movie, or even just watching some YouTube videos that can make you laugh. Laughter does help to reduce anxiety, and it costs nothing.
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