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Find a New Hobby in Music: 3 Reasons to Get Into Collecting Autographs

Merchandise is a big moneymaker in the music industry, even more so than the music itself. Around 90% of music industry sales are the merchandise.

Since music-related merchandise is so popular, hot commodity items often become investment items. Collecting autographs has been a lucrative hobby for generations. Here are three major reasons you should find a new hobby in autograph collecting.

1. Autographs Are an Investment

Autograph collectors may enjoy collecting as a hobby, but the main motivation is the potential worth of every autograph collected. 

Some artists’ autographs are more likely to see a high investment in the future more than others. Signatures from living artists such as Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen, and Elton John are safe investments thanks to their superstardom and net worth.

Deceased artists who rarely gave out signatures are the ultimate investment opportunity. Autographs from famed artists like Johnny Cash and Bing Crosby are harder to find, but you can find these musician autographs for sale and grow your collection.

Autographs kept in good condition and stored away for a long time gain the most value. However, some celebrity signatures reach peak demand during their life, so keep an eye on the value of each autograph you own.

2. Autographs Are a Fantastic Gift

If you ask someone who their favorite musician is, they probably have one or several answers for you. Surprising someone with an autograph of their favorite artist will lead to a happy reaction. After all, autographs aren’t always easy to come by.

Take your gift to the next level by getting a signed photo professionally framed. That way, the person who received the gift can display it and admire the autograph whenever they want.

If you’re giving a signed gift to a loved one, consider getting one of their personal items signed by their favorite artists if you have the capacity to do so. Signed unique items, like baseballs or vinyl, have more value in the long run.

3. Autographs Embody History

Many of us think about what stories we’re going to tell our grandchildren in the future, and autographs provide a great story to tell.

As time goes on and musicians retire, autographs become more interesting. Sharing autographs from a different generation is an easy way to spark an interest in history for younger generations.

Autographs are also a great item to pass down in the family. Autographs as inheritance items still increase in value as long as they’re in good condition. For example, the most valuable autograph is quite old. It’s a signature from George Washington that’s worth millions.

Not only will your family have a sentimental memory of you and your hobbies, but they’ll also own a very valuable item.

Find a New Hobby You’ll Sing About

Collecting musician autographs and being a music fan goes hand in hand. If you find a new hobby in accumulating signatures from your favorite bands, songwriters, and vocalists, you’ll create a fantastic memorabilia collection that will increase in value as time goes on.

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