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5 Important Benefits of Hiring an IT Consultant for Your Small Business

Small businesses quickly discover that they cannot avoid delving into the world of IT at some level. You need hardware configured and programs integrated. You need security around your customer data.

You can find yourself stumbling through online tutorials before you just call it good enough. If you shudder at the thought, you should consider outsourcing to an IT consultant.

Not sold on outsourcing? Keep reading for some of the benefits an IT consultant can offer.

1. Improved Security

Over the last 10 years, an estimated 4 billion records were exposed due to hacking and data breaches. That’s just the ones in the public record.

While some data breaches come about from dedicated efforts of hackers, many stem from more mundane security problems. For example, improper setup of security measures in the cloud or unencrypted databases make easy targets.

IT consultants can review your current security setup and recommend improvements.

2. Better Focus

Your core business processes almost certainly revolve around something other than information technology. That is where your focus should remain. Yet, many business owners find that technology issues consume more of their time than anything else.

Between the hardware, software, cloud integration, and managing your website, you barely have time for your actual business.

Turning to an IT consulting firm lets you offload those tech concerns and keep your efforts aimed at improving your actual business.

3. Cost-Effective

Almost no business can rely on just one IT person for all of their needs. The IT field covers too much ground with everything from web development to cybersecurity falling under that umbrella. Hiring full-time employees for all those needs can prove cost-prohibitive.

Consultants often provide you with the full range of IT experts at a manageable cost. Since only some clients will need any given service at any given time, the consulting firm can spread their talent out and recoup their salary costs.

4. Get Expert Advice

Some areas of IT expertise come at exorbitant cost. There is a global shortfall when it comes to cybersecurity experts. That means that most small businesses can only hope to get a good cybersecurity pro on the job every once in a while.

Consulting firms must find and keep cybersecurity experts if they want businesses to take them seriously. You reap the benefit of the firm’s need for looking legitimate.

5. Reduce Turnover

Startups and small businesses often expect everyone to do multiple jobs. If that means checking in the occasional order or manning the phones, it’s not a problem. Dealing with IT concerns, however, can leave employees feeling cold.

When your marketing person gets saddled with setting up a server, you get a poorly configured server. You also get an unhappy employee.

Outsourcing your IT needs lets your employees focus on the work they want to do. That gives you happier employees.

Parting Thoughts on the Benefits of Hiring an IT Consultant

An IT consultant offers you many benefits. Not the least of these benefits is expertise. No matter how well-meaning your employees, they can’t replace working knowledge with good intentions.

Wondering if you get the most out of your technology? Check out some of our other posts to see what else your tech can do for your business.

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