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Essentials Skills & Experts You Need At Hand For Your Countryside Home

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Moving to the countryside is a dream for many. But it is a dream that post-pandemic remote work arrangements are making it more accessible to the masses. When you can work from anywhere, you can as well work from your dream property in a rural environment.

Getting to know your community when you first move in is a must. Villages and small towns have a close-knit community where people know and help each other. Your neighbours will be the best source of advice when things go wrong at home. And chances are, they’ll know the right thing to do to get it fixed again!

The toilet won’t flush properly

Some remote locations use a sewage tank because they are off the main drainage system. If this is the case in your property, your neighbours are likely to use a septic tank. Therefore, they can provide guidance and support on how to unblock yours. They can get you in touch with experts such as the power rod team, who are experienced drainage technicians. More often than not, drain jetting can help resolve sewage tank issues.

Help, there’s no gas connection

Not every property is connected to the grid gas. Unfortunately, if your new home is not on the grid, the National Grid Gas will not be able to help you. The service doesn’t provide individual connections to private properties. However, your neighbours can help you figure out how to heat your property effectively. You can reach out to the local gas network operator to apply for a connection. The connection may not be granted if the pipework is dangerous or if there is no gas main within 23 metres.

If the house has been left empty for a long time, it may be worth arranging for a system check with a professional electrician. Faults are frequent in empty and remote properties.

I have a leak!

Old properties are prone to developing cracks in the roof structure or the external walls. If you have purchased a property that remained empty for a long time, leaks could have appeared during the period the house didn’t receive sufficient maintenance. Even if cracks or holes are not visible to the naked eye, they can let rainwater through. Keeping a close bond with your neighbours can help you find the best recommendations for a local roofer. Your neighbours are familiar with house maintenance and know how to keep their roofs in pristine condition. This is especially important for specialist or traditional roof structures. If you need an entire roof replacement, then you will of course be best off going with the professionals.

The overgrown garden

Buying an empty property or a property from an elderly owner means the garden may have been left to grow freely. As a result, you might experience a variety of issues when you first move in:

  • Pests live and hide in the garden
  • The soil can’t absorb rainwater
  • It affects the kerb appeal of the property

Your neighbours can put you in touch with a local landscaping expert. You can struggle to identify companies willing to travel to your location in rural and remote areas. Therefore, knowing a local expert can be a game-changer in reclaiming the garden!

If you are moving into a country home, don’t let the first challenges discourage you. Country homes are old properties that can be off the grid. Therefore, you are likely to experience challenges you’ve never faced before. But with the help of your neighbours and local experts, you can make your country property a dream home!

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