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Here’s How to Be A Better Immigration Attorney, Market Your Firm, and Reach More People!

Being an immigration attorney you probably wouldn’t have thought about marketing very much. But being that immigration courts don’t provide the defendants with an attorney, some marketing could help your firm a lot. 

There are somethings that you should think about when marketing as an immigration attorney. We’ve compiled a list of a few things that can help you get your firm seen by the people who need it. 

Don’t Focus Too Much on Geography

Immigration is not something that only the border cities have to deal with. People immigrate from everywhere and live in all parts of the country.

This is an advantage that immigration attorneys can use to the advantage when it comes to marketing. Other types of law such as criminal defense or divorce lawyers rely heavily on the state laws, so they can only market within that state.

Immigration law is based in federal law so it’s the same anywhere you go in the United States. So, break out of the box yo have put yourself in and start to market to the people who need you all over the country. 

Use More Than One Language 

Another silly limit immigration lawyers put on themselves is language. The people you are serving are coming from all over the world by assuming that they will know English you are limiting the number of clients you can help.

Making specific pages translated into other languages can boost how many people see and understand your services. 

This won’t take much time or money, you will just need to hire someone who speaks the languages you want represented on your site. Then have them translate the pages you want to be made more available to non-English speakers. 

Try to Differentiate Yourself

There are a lot of immigration attorneys out there when you start marketing you need to think about what makes you different. 

If you are just an all-encompassing immigration lawyer, then it’s going to make it hard for you to stand out amongst the other lawyers.

Now, if you focus on one part of the immigration process then it with be easier to make yourself stand out and find your target market a lot easier. If you’re an EB-4 immigration attorney then marketing can make it easier for people who need that kind of attorney to find you. 

An Immigration Attorney Can Use Marketing

While mostly overlooked, an immigration attorney can get some really good use out of marketing. Right now its one of the only types of court cases where the court is not required to give the defendant a lawyer. 

That means every single person who needs an immigration attorney is looking for one on their own. By using different languages, differentiating yourself, and looking outside of your local area, you can reach more people than you have been able to before. A little bit of marketing can go a long way.

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