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Toilet Flushing Problems? Common Causes and How to Fix Them

Notice that your toilet has problems flushing?

Many toilet flushing issues may need an expert plumber. However, not every issue needs a call to your local plumber. Most of the existing toilets come with manuals that homeowners can refer to when facing a problem.

Knowing what causes your toilet to not flush can help you understand the issue. So, here are a few causes of toilet problems and how to fix them yourself:

Low Water on Tank

The toilet tank must have total water up to one inch below the tip of the overflow pipe. The toilet not flushing might be because the valve is off and the water is too low.

So, turn on the valve and ensure that the toilet tank fills up to the correct level. If there’s no issue with your water tank, it might be your septic tank. Read this ultimate guide on how to take care of your septic tank to avoid more toilet issues. 


Clogged Pipe

One of the causes of toilet problems is a wholly clogged waste pipe. A toilet waste pipe carries water and waste from the toilet bowl into the drain and out of your home.

When the waste pipe is completely blocked, you’ll know immediately. The bowl will fill up if you flush since the water has nowhere to go.

If the waste pipeline isn’t clogged, you may have a partial block if you see a slow drain and weak flush. Use plungers or toilet snakes by forcing water to and fro via the waste pipe, splitting any debris causing the clog.

On the other hand, a toilet with a weak flush is often the effect of clogged holes under the bowl’s rim. To fix a toilet problem such as this, use a piece of wire to do a careful poke into every flush hole to remove any debris.

Hanger wire could also work, and using a small mirror will help you look beneath the rim. You can even use a wire, baking powder, or vinegar to lessen debris that might be obstructing the siphon jet in the base of the drain. 

Detached or Busted Lift Chain

The lift chain attaches to the flapper and draws up the flapper once you flush the toilet. If the lift chain is detached or busted in your toilet, then your toilet handle won’t flush. 

When the lift chain gets disconnected or has excessive slack, the flapper won’t unlock. So, be sure to change the length of the chain or reconnect it to begin regular flushing.

Phantom Flushes

Phantom flushes refer to when you hear your toilet start to refill as if somebody had flushed it. Your toilet bowl will tend to flush every now and then. 

The reason is a prolonged leakage from the tank in the bowl. This problem is likely because of a flapper seat or a bad flapper.

So first, drain the bowl and tank, inspect and clean the flapper seat. Then, change the flapper if it’s damaged or worn out.

Toilet Flushing Solutions You Need to Know

Once you detect any toilet flushing problems, don’t try to ignore them, even the most minor issue. Disregarding these toilet problems will, in time, form into something more alarming. Likewise, don’t hesitate to reach an expert plumber if your DIY fixes don’t work. 

Your home is a place where you build your life and live in a dignified manner. So, check out the rest of our guides with tips and information that could help you improve your lifestyle and home life. 

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